Friday, April 22, 2011

Is that you, baby?

Or just a brilliant disguise?

I love Bruce Springsteen.

In a totally platonic, non-lust filled sort of way, of course. (Please disregard this remark if you are not Mr. Jenny.)

I do not, however, love my computer.

In any fashion.


My computer has decided it does not recognize me.

It thinks I am an imposter.


I try to go onto my blog and it tells me I am an 'unauthorized user'.

I say, "Huh? Me? Look know me! Please let me in!"

It doesn't answer me.

It just keeps telling me that I'm not allowed to be on my own blog.

So I have to come up with these elaborate and crazy excuses to get Mr. Jenny off his work computer.

His work computer is much nicer than my computer. It lets me get onto my blog dashboard.

The problem is, though, that Mr. Jenny is not a dumb man. He is only going to fall for, "I think I set the kitchen on fire!" so many times.

He rushes out to see the flames, and I rush into his office and get onto my blog. In fact, I had to do it again just now so I could get on here and write this post.

Which explains, perhaps, why this is such a strange post and not up to my usual intellectual standards.




I think maybe if I actually come up with a disguise, it will trick my computer which will then recognize that it doesn't recognize the me that's not me, and I will be able to get into my dashboard.

That made sense, right?


So, keep your fingers crossed. Tomorrow morning I'm going to get up, put on this brilliant disguise...

...and attempt to trick my computer.

In the meantime...perhaps it would be wise if you pray for me.

I might be going even further off on a tangent than usual.


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Mom said...

Hahahah !! Hope your Computer remembers you really quick :D

Terra said...

tres bizzarre Jenny...I have never heard of that computer issue - though I am also not surprised...computers really stink sometimes!

Arkansas Patti said...

I am glad you could get on with his computer. I have heard recently of people having their blogs hijacked and had to get blogger to correct the matter.
I love Bruce also but in a totally lustful way.

Unknown said...

LOL, crazy computers. Mine has some recognition issues also! It's hard to trick it too, good luck! Stop in & read Stylish Blogger if you are successful:-)

Donnie said...

Maybe your computer is in a snit...Don won't recognize me at times too...until I say I'm sorry for "whatever"

Anonymous said...

Now that is just not could your computer forget such a sweet, nice person as you sweet Jenny. I sure hope you can fool it or work out that issue so you can get back to your terrific blogging and not have to keep coming up with excuses to use Mr. Jenny's computer. Wishing you all the best in solving this issue. Hugs

dawn said...

RIGHT when I read your intro line on my dashborad "is that you baby......" I KNEW IT WAS BOSS LYRICS

We MUST talk Bruce sometime!!!!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

-sigh- You've been hit with the ol' "unauthorized user" thing hu? -sigh-

As to Bruce... Loved him, early on. But then, he embraced loony-toons political stuff. Ugh. No more.

He's not even still cute enough, to over look his political shit either.

Whereas, George Clooney IS still great looking. So I can *lust* over his bod, and ignore his loony-toons political views.

It's all in how one looks at things, I always say. -grinnnnnnn-

Gentle hugs,

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Last fall my internet explorer got corrupted and wouldn't let me into my email anymore. I had some other issues going on too, so I cooked a friend dinner and he ghosted the computer, took off windows vista, and I started anew with Windows 7. Best thing I ever did! :-)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Computers are tricky little devils but not as tricky as you!! LOL....hoping the disguise works. hugs, Linda

Allie said...

come over and use mine anytime ... love you

Cheryl said...

BRUCE and I go waaaaaaay back. If you want his number, just give a shout. He's on my speed dial. Honest.

cj Schlottman said...


I so lust after The Boss! When I read your title, I dug into my playlists to find "Pink Cadillac," so I could play it while reading your post.

As to your contrary computer, I will surely pray for you - probably sneak in one for the machine. Who knows? Maybe it needs a little praying over. Or, more likely, it needs to be replaced, which really sucks.


Sue said...

I really think there are little tiny humans in our computers that are laughing at us most of the time.

Uh, could we change Bruce to Jon Bon Jovi...I'd be much happier!

I loved my Easter are the most thoughtful, sweet friend.

Ames said...

It'sssss startinggggg! Woo~ooo~oo~ They are starting to assimilate Jenny.

I hope you backed up all your stuff They love to eat your stuff and birp a virus or two.

Let me know how that disguise works for you. I might use it the next time I have a telemarketer call me. :) ~Ames

Jeanie said...

Your computer may be jealous of you lust for Bruce....mine just hates me.

Susan Anderson said...

What with these newfangled computers anyway??



Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I bet we are all gonna be in for a treat! Heeehehhee!

My photobucket doesn't want to work for my blog. Drivin' me nuts.

I always think whatever is goin' on is my fault...I'm funny that way. It never enters my mind that maybe Blogger or Photobucket is havin' an issue. Or maybe the computer is just demon possessed. :o)

God bless and have the best Easter sweetie!!!

Ms. A said...

Oh, my... sending up BIG prayers!

Jo said...

oh girl, i am praying big time for you ... after all .... tomorrow is the centus and you have to be on for that or we loyal followers will all go mad with some sort of mad chicken running around with it's head cut off disorder ... well only with keeping the actual head but we will still have the disorder and still be mad ... i tell ya ... mad ....

Judie said...

Well, all I can say is if you lived here, my son could fix that very quickly. My BFA's computer was ignoring her a few days ago, so she called, and Keil walked her through the steps so she could get on and work!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Bruce and I both vote that you get yourself a new super duper beautiful laptop. One that knows YOU.

Maude Lynn said...

Who needs intellectual when you've got a picture of Springsteen?

Christine said...

Back up files? I never do that, am I treading on the edge? Hope you have better luck, been there myself, frustration that is.

Amy said...

What? I am sorry, I didn't hear your tangent, I am lost in the dreaminess of Bruce's voice. Sigh.

Who are you anyway? I am sorry, I just don't recognize you.

Anonymous said...

How frustrating! I hope you get your computer to recognize you.


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Jenny Sweetie...
Oh you are so darn cute. Let me know if the disguise trick works. Maybe I can trick blogger into giving me back my dashboard. It is totally empty and says I am not following anyone. Not only that but google reader is pretty empty except for advertisements. It has been going on for 3 months. I can't see when anyone posts, and I can't find my friends links. I am having to go back to old posts just to find everyone.

I love this post and I adore your writing as always. You and Mr. Jenny have a glorious weekend and a beautiful Easter. I am sure you will have some egg hunting going on over at your place sweetie.

Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Jocelyn said...

What the heck????? I hope the disguise works!!! Computers...the love hate relationship that we have!!!!

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter!!!

Love ya girlie!!!

Kat said...

Love Springsteen too! In a totally non lustful way also, of course. JungleLand - one of the all time greatest songs. Period. Remember the trick I told you? About swiping DH's computer until he fixed mine? It worked! The shift key on the right still sticks, but I can work around that. Hey, it worked for ee cummings. So now I'm back in the saddle as far as blogging goes. Of course, now I have to work with that scary rabbit picture. That's what I get for skipping class :) Hugs, Kat

Bits-n-Pieces said...

I totally frreak out when my computer does something out of the ordinary, or a box pops up, or it doesn't accept my password or something. I panic! I fear the worst.... and usually, it's nothing.
But one day it might not be!! And I'd be lost forever!!
I hope you get your's straightened out soon!

Bonnie said...

Sounds like a conspiracy to me Miss Jenny!

I hope you get it worked out.. that sounds so frustrating!