Friday, September 2, 2011

1963. Martha and the Vandellas. Heatwave.

Love the song.

2011. August in Arizona. Heatwave. Not quite as fond of it.

Hottest temps in history.


It's definitely cozy here of late.


Even if it is diabolically hot here, we still have to take care of the gardens.

Especially because there's pumpkins growing there.

In case we actually survive these temperatures to enjoy Halloween.

Part of our gardening here consists of pumping our flood irrigation water in the raised garden beds. We get flood irrigation every other week during the summer. It's as much water as we can take for around 90 bucks a year.

It's a good thing.


Pumping it into the raised beds is not such a good thing.

Because it involves going in and out of the house every 40 minutes or so.

The irrigation schedule goes something like this:

Timer buzzes.

Go outside. Get smacked in the face with almost 110 degree temps.

Look at pool.


Check water level.

Burn bottom of feet through your shoes.

Look at pool.


Drag hose to new part of garden.

Look at plants planning to die in the heat unless they get water soon.

Look at pool.

Don't resist.

Go into house dripping wet and get hypothermia from air-conditioning.

Reset timer.

Curse living in the desert.

Repeat at 45 - 50 minute intervals.


And did I mention the part about cursing living in the desert.


I'm getting good at that.


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People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

Do the screens cut the effect of the sunlight? This desert living thing is quite interesting to me....and I really like the lemons when they come in season....just sayin'....I know it won't be til December....but, well, I miss them...a lot....just sayin'.

Wanda..... said...

I'm sorry you have burned footsies and hypothermia, Jenny! BUT, I have my own may just get up to 100 degrees here in Ohio today!!! Even the birds will sweat!

vivian said...

does not sound like fun! Id have to be in that pool alot! though I imagine in that heat its probably like bathwater!
Its supposed to be very hot and muggy here today. though our very hot is not as hot as yours!
Have a great holiday weekend!!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

The pool would be hard to resist.

Terra said...

I could not handle the heat. We had "the hottest August in Denver's History" this year and I am cursing that and it was at least 10 degrees everyday than what you get...

Donnie said...

I thought we had hot weather this year in western NC but I guess I was wrong. I'm glad you can at least get that water so many others plants are really struggling. Love that pool too.

Theresa said...

I feel your pain, we have had hot weather here too! Normally we have about 45 days of over 90 temps, this year we have had twice that! I will be sooooo happy to feel a cool breeze!

Take a dip, chill out:) HUGS!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I don't think I would have resisted the pool as long as you did! That is just so hot and your poor garden. Mine just burned up this summer and no water I could afford to help it along. We are hoping for some rain this weekend. Now...buzzer rings, go outside get hit with the hot temp, jump in pool, then water garden....try it!

Jeanie said...

Whew! I'm sweating after reading that. You are a dedicated gardener and will probably have the biggest pumpkins in town.

Anonymous said...

It's crazy hot in Texas too and no real rain in my area (Houston)since February. We are doing everything we can just to keep trees alive, the grass is a lost cause! You have a nice pool and it would be more temptation then I could handle too!

Pondside said...

I don't know how you do it.
Would it be cruel of me to tell you about the sea fog that rolled in yesterday - cool, damp - we really needed hoodies for our walk.
C'mon up!

Keri {One Mama's Daily Drama} said...

I feel your pain. Right now we're on water restrictions, so I can only water twice a week unless I do it by hand. I can't say I want to stand out in the glorious 100 degree sun to water plants with a hot hose. Fall will get here eventually, right?

Busy Bee Suz said...

But your winters are to DIE for. ;)
I never did this kind of irrigation before, takes a lot of work on your part. Oh, those pumpkins should be thankful.
Do the screens on the plants help keep the sun off a bit????
Have a great weekend Jenny!

Susan Anderson said...

I lived in Palm Springs from ages 6-11, and my job was to water the cactus and fruit trees every week. In the summer, it was often 115 or so. I used to drench myself with the water from the hose...but only after I let it run awhile...or the water was too hot!

My youngest is going to Palm Desert for a retreat this weekend for his medical school. All I can say is UGH.


Amy said...

Darn. I was hoping the ice house would help cool you down a little.

I must be sick or something, but I actually enjoy temps that hot. When I lived in CA, it was 120 for two weeks straight. I loved it. I spent the whole day outside. Yeah, I don't get it either. :) Here's to a much cooler day today!

BECKY said...

I would LIVE in that pool. Only coming out for "the ladies room." I'd have my cabana boy bring food and drinks! :)
Here in Missouri, we broke a high record the other day, since 1953. I think the old high was 103 and we hit 104! More this week, too....Come on autumn temps!!

Willoughby said...

Yow! That's hot! I hate dragging the hose around and watering the plants when it gets that hot. Once it hits triple digits, I pretty much stay in the house or in the pool if I can.

Lorrie said...

I can't imagine living in such heat. I'd be drifting around the pool a lot!
Would it hurt to tell you that I'm wearing a light sweater today, and needed a fleece for my walk last night?
Wafting a little cool sea breeze down your way.

Barbara F. said...

Oh Jenny, I would have dunked myself each time I think! ;-) I would LOVE to be a snowbird, though. Hope it cools down for you. xo

Jo said...

I guess there really is no perfect climate ... there are downsides to every where ... i would love to get out of my non stop winter rain and visit the desert for winter instead ... but i sure wouldn't survive there in the summer! keep cool, and keep those pumpkins safe!!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Jenny!
I loved all your "heat wave" photos! Hope it cools down there soon!
I have been in Denver all week visting my kids and grandkidsand it has been HOT here too --over 90 degrees every day! I look forward to autumn's cool breezes :)
Hugs, Pat

Ms. A said...

I don't know how you do it! I'm still not sure how we do it, either, especially with no rain. I can't believe how dry it is here. We are cooked to the core.

Julie Kwiatkowski Schuler said...

I would let everything die and never get out of the pool.

Judie said...

We had a downpour last night that lasted for quite a while. Did you get any rain? My pool is 87 degrees! We chose this life, Jenny, so I guess we had just better suck it up. Whining is kinda fun, though.

Unknown said...

Can I have a pumpkin or two??? I was going to plant some and I just couldn't get to it again! I will use the seed next year to grown some...LOL Don't you just love living here right now? And all of our blogging friend are so excited about cooler temps and September....we will be lucky if it isn't 100 degrees here on Halloween! I wish I had the time and room for a garden like yours....I just LOVE it! How about that lunch kiddo????

Amy said...

Ok Miss
Jenny, I need to know two things:

1. What do the screens do...?

2. Does the pool stay cool or is it just hot and miserable?


Flat Creek Farm said...

Dear Jenny,
Everybody wants to know about the screens. So do I :)
I hear ya on the 'getting smacked in the face' by the heat. So tired of it, and heck I don't even live in the desert.
Your pool looks SO inviting. I would never resist!
Enjoy the weekend.. hope that pumpkin (and all) survives!
p.s. your garden looks better than mine. I just said pfffffttt to all of it this year.. lol.

Bethe77 said...

Sounds like i is almost to hot to even enjoy the pool!
I hope it cools a bit for yiou all soon. Im praying. Send some my way please!

siggiofmaine said...

Love this post...
wouldn't make it living on the desert....
got tired just reading about how the irrigation happens. Sigh.
☮ ♥ Siggi in Downeast Maine

H said...

The sky is grey here today, plus there is a breeze. It's given rain moving down from the north, tonight into tomorrow and then continuing unsettled for the week.

We may get the odd hot day during September (I'm talking in very relative terms here - we'll be lucky to go much above 20degC : 68degF), but we are basically saying goodbye to summer.

~✽Mumsy✽~ said...

I'm amazed at how much heat people in the South West can take. That's way too hot, but you love your garden, and you water them before gave in to the pool.

Dazee Dreamer said...

My only question is, Why the hell were you resisting the pool? It looked inviting. I would hate to live in he desert if I didn't ahve a pool.

Pat said...

Miss Jenny, you have earned a place in gardener's heaven and a gold star for perseverance. That pool looked really inviting the first time out.

We are at 68 now & have 1 1/2" of rain today. Wish we could share. But I would rather have your winter months than ours.

Betty said...

I don't know what flood irrigation water is, but for $90 a year it sounds like a bargain. I don't exactly understand what you're doing every 45 minutes. You pump and then you have to wait? Are the screens for straining the water?

You are going to be so envious. Our temperature is down to 80 this evening and there's a nice wind. No rain, but the best it's been in months and 20 -25 degrees cooler than a few days ago! Rain is predicted for tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. This has been the worst summer I can remember. It's always hot, but this year it's been hotter. Maybe this weather will head west to you. I'd be happy to share. It might not last though. It's a little too early.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

That does sound like a lot of work. Glad you have a pool to jump into though. Glad I decided I'd wait and buy my pumpkins! It's pretty dang hot in Ark. laurie

Unknown said...

I feel for you, me and everyone of my many hotflashes....I would probably just live in that pool.