Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Alphabe-Thursday - Letter Z

Good morning class.

Welcome to round four of Alphabe-Thursday! Today we will be studying the zippy letter:

...but before we do please

I have something important to tell you.

Round five of Alphabe-Thursday will start immediately. We will not have a break in between rounds like we've done in the past.

Please link directly to your Alphabe-Thursday URL (if you don't know how to do this let me know!) and please continue to visit the five links before and after your link and leave a comment. Minimum of 10 links visited please. You can visit more if you like, of course, and please try very hard to visit the blogs that visit you for this meme.

I also want to let you know that each week I visit every blog. If it appears I haven't visited your blog by the following Thursday evening, please let me know!

If you have any difficulties with your link, please make sure to include the number of the link when you e-mail me. It is really difficult for me to find your link otherwise. And, if you see any broken links, please let me know that as well.

If you have any questions about Alphabe-Thursday or problems doing your link just post it in a comment or send me an e-mail. I'll do my best to help you as quickly as I can.

The McLinkey will be live from 1:00 pm MST time Wednesday afternoon in an effort to assist our lovely "friends across the pond" and continue through 10:00 am MST time Friday morning!

And remember.... link back to this post, you need to be registered as a follower of my blog, PG posts only, and you must visit at least 10 other posts...perhaps consider starting from the last posts and work backwards. The links will stay live after the final post deadline has passed so you can even wait and visit over the weekend or whenever you have more time.

Please link your zany Z post now!

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Susan Anderson said...

Gotta think about Z...


Cathy Kennedy said...

Zippity-do-da, look at me in the number 13 slot! Now, that's a first for me. =D Thanks for hosting, Miss Jenny.

Your most zealous student...well almost I didn't take the number one spot, did I? :(


The Poet said...

Hello all.
In my effort to be continually creative, I had somewhat of a struggle with "Z". Tell me what you think about Moonlight Zephyr

21 Wits said...

Yes, I got my Z post in! I missed my favorite Saturday Centus, too little blogging time, and I'm hoping to get next week in, but I also have a wedding next Sat. so I'm hoping I can swing it before we leave town! Hope all is well with you and that you are resting up from your trip!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

ZOOP-DE-DOO! We've reached the end of this alpha round! Thanks so much for hosting, Mrs. Matlock! Still lovin' it!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Zoweeee!!! Zip-pity do da day!!! This make me kinda zealous!

(Maybe I've been out in the sun to long this mornin') Heeehehehe!

Have a beautifully blessed day sweetie!!! :o)

anitamombanita said...

Z already? gadZooks!

Annesphamily said...

Zipping by to say hi! LOL!

Annesphamily said...

Need my zzz's but finished all 38 posts tonight that were up and running! :) :) :0

Lmkazmierczak said...

OK, I can't figure out how to stop the Simon and Garfunkel from playing...other than leaving the Z lists♫♪ Thanks for featuring this Alphabet Challenge. I got into it late and love it!

Splendid Little Stars said...

Thanks for hostessing a new round of Alphabe-Thursday! I love this meme!

I am stating here that I cannot seem to post comments on some or all wordpress blogs at this point in time.

The Poet said...

Cannot access link #44

Gattina said...

The A linky and post is still missing ! that's unusual for me at 8 am.

Narda said...

ooh, just missed the linky list deadline, will try again next time.