Friday, October 4, 2013

You gotta get up now...try, try, try

This little 100 word piece is linked to week 180 of Saturday Centus.   To read other little stories, just click here.
What it is in the still dark yard that catches his distant eye?

I attempt brittle conversation…



Talk to him like he’s here.

He is still here.


Weary of one-side conversations I flip on the TV.

It’s the usual daily dribble-drabble of stupidity.

Hey, it’s at least some noise in my now tomb-like house.

I do inane tasks.

Each time stop to check him, I dabble the dribble from his lips.

He continues to stare at TV.

He blinks.

OHMYGODOHMYGOD!   He blinked!   He blinked when I wiped his lips.

OHMYGODOHMYGOD!   He’s coming back!  He’s coming back!

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Judie said...

You sweet and tender-hearted woman!!!

Gail said...

Sad and sweet.

Anita said...

Who is He? Real or a metaphor? Obviously, someone very special.

Ames said...

Painful memories.

Viki said...

I guess even in the most dire of circumstances hope is a good thing if it gets you through.

Susan Anderson said...

You took me on a journey with this one, Jenny. Well done.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh Jenny.
I totally get it.'ve pulled my heartstrings again.