Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Warmed Heart Week 6

My right leg has decided to not work correctly.

And I know it.

But sometimes I forget myself and I like to taunt it just a bit.

So I don't hold on.

And sometimes when I don't hold on, I fall.

Mr. Jenny has become the 'gofer' around our house for quite a few months now.   But Mr. Jenny hurt his knee badly.  

And, so, I had to do a large grocery shopping for the holidays.

When I came out to my truck I lost my balance and fell.



I was laying by the truck thinking, "Hmmm...how the heck am I going to get up?"

I finally got almost all the way to my feet and I looked at the overflowing grocery cart and almost broke into tears. 


Truth here.

I did break into tears.

And that's when an angel come to help me.

She did it so graciously and so kindly and so matter of fact-ly...

...that I didn't even feel ashamed...

or embarrassed.

She just did it.

She helped me to the drivers seat and then loaded all the groceries into the back seat and truck bed.

Then she waved and walked away.

 I sat in the truck for a long time thinking how fortunate I was.

And how the encounter truly warmed my heart.

And how there really, truly still are angels in this world.


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Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful warm heart story! Glad that angel came to your rescue!

Gail said...

There is hope. There are angels among us.

Gattina said...

I am more down to earth ! For me it's normal to help if I see somebody in difficulties, and usually most of the people are helpful.

Julie Kwiatkowski Schuler said...

I am catching up with a year's worth of news from my blog-friend this morning. I adore the pictures of the kiddos, and have been thinking often of your health struggles, and I see it's been a year of both good and not so good developments. You now have names to put to it, and "Hungry Bone Syndrome"? As names go, it's one of the best I've ever heard.
I am hoping for peace and comfort and many improvements for you in the new year. My love to you and yours.


Beth said...

Happy New Year's! Yes, there are many good people around and I am glad one appeared when you needed one.

Rita said...

I find there are a lot more earth angels around than people suspect.
Sorry to hear about your leg and your hubby's. Be safe! Both of you.
May the new year be one that brings you great joy. *love and hugs*

noexcuses said...

I'm so sorry that you fell, but so happy for the angel who came by. Can you imagine how good she felt as she walked away? Your fall made it all happen. You made her day, just like she made your day. God watches out for us and steps in when we can't. Praying for comfort for both you and Mr. Jenny. Thank you for hosting this wonderful blog! Happy New Year, my friend!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

I love angels like the one you met. And good for you, Jenny, for accepting the angel's help without a fuss. A big hug to you.

Judie said...

Oh, me! If I lose my balance and go down, I'm in a heap of trouble. This first started when I lived in Tucson. It's embarrassing to have to be pulled up! Believe me I know! Unfortunately, Jenny, I'm not sure about the "angel" part--I believe the woman who helped you up was just raised right. It seems that too many people these days are raised to feel angry and entitled. The woman who helped you was simply following "The Golden Rule," just like we all should do. xoxoxo

Susan Anderson said...

That warms my heart, too.

Be careful out there, Jenny. We need to keep you as safe and well as possible. So glad your angel was there to help you that day.