Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday "E"

Good morning Class! Please put your feet under your desks.

Justine! Please pay attention! This is important.

Polly? Are you passing notes?

Today our letter is the letter for Alphabe-Thursday. Can you all say the letter "E" for me?

"E" is such an elegant, enticing letter and I know you will all have wonderful "E" posts today.

Your linked post for this letter counts toward our first Alphabe-Thursday prize. The first giveaway will be drawn from the combined links for letters C, D and E. Remember that A & B were for practice.

If you've forgotten how the giveaway works just hit the Alphabe-Thursday button to the right. It will take you to the long, long, long explanation post.

If you have any other ???'s about Alphabe-Thursday or problems doing your link just post it in a comment or send me an e-mail. I'll do my best to help you.

The McLinkey will be live from 8:00 pm MST time Wednesday night through 8:00 am MST time Friday morning!

And remember.... link back to this post, PG posts only, and try to visit all the other students! The links will stay live after the final post deadline has passed so you can even wait and visit over the weekend or whenever you have more time.

Class dismissed.

Please file your letter "E" papers in the McLinkey now, Class.

Mrs. Matlock

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Vicki/Jake said...

Hey...just a quick little note passed from the one playing *Hookie*

When ya get a minute, run to my blog and VOTE! You can do this during recess or on your lunch break...

Ok, Teach, grab you stick and start teachin!

RNSANE said...

Jenny, it's 2AM and I am at my mom's in GA - she is so sad, doesn't even know who I am. I tried something different with the McLinky..still don't have it. Would you just email me and show me what I should enter...anyway, my entry this week is "E is for Eleuthera" - can you fix it but also let me know how I should be writing it?

Thank you.

I finished nursing school, why is this so difficult?

jane said...

hi jenny! help! i can´t stop reading your blog! love your sense of humor! thanks for visiting! hugs-jane

Unknown said...

I'm sorry Ms. Matlock, Jaydubblah was wanting to know what came after "D"! :o)

I hope my entry isn't, well, too descriptive. I put a warning on it so it could maintain its PG status. No foul language or sexual innuendo, promise.

I'm going back to bed. Have a great day.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

E asy for you to say, Jenny!

Jacque said...

Good Morning Ms. Matlock,

Reporting in for class with the posting of my letter "E".

Have a great day!

Theresa said...

Hey Teacher, Can I please leave the classroom to go shopping? I need a little bit of....


Hugs and have a blessed day!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Someone else did 'Elves.' And you do 'Elephant.' I get a kick out of this. From one end of the spectrum [tiny] to the other end [huge]. :-)

lissa said...

E is an interesting letter, was going for a longer piece but end up with something shorter

Darcie said...

I seriously want to do this SO bad! In fact I had a word and everything this week, but not enough time to write and post it. In case you were wondering...E is for exercise!

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Oh my! Hope I don't get sent to detention because I didn't turn in my E project! ;o) Course I spent a lot of time there as a youth so I should feel right at home. LOL

Your posts always crack me up Jenny...have a good weekend!

Melissa Miller said...

Jenny you are such a sweetie pie and always make me laugh. I've been meaning to get over here and read all your new posts and life gets in the way of my blogging.
Sigh. I just want to read blogs all day. Whaaaa... HeHe!

Thank you for the kind Congrats on my GC! I really wish I could share with everyone in blog land. I do feel so blessed lately it's amazing.

I'll be back soon! ~Melissa :)

Sarah said...

Ms. Matlock hope you are having a great day. I'm certainly having fun reading everyone's papers on the letter E. Such an eloquent and eclectic mix this week.
Thank you for being such a terrific teacher!

Jackie said...

I have to put more effort into this .

Debbiedoos said...

Jenny you are so funny!~ No I am not an interior designer, I am a wanna be!~ No not really even that, I just love it!~ Thanks for your kind words. Now the first pics you commented on tonight those where from a magazine, well that Houzz site, they let you copy them, and I found things that inspire me and thought I would share those......thanks again!~ I like your meme party it is fun!

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

" E " is for escape which is exactly what my memory did the instant Joan Baez started to sing that song Diamonds and Rust...taking me back more than 40 years.
I was a Woodstock girl and she was a headliner and I shall never forget that voice.
Thanks for the memories...

Steph said...

Dear Jenny, I just discovered and am Enjoying your blog. I realize it is too late to link up for the first letters of the alphabet, but I hope I can still join in for the rest. I will play along on my own Either way. What a great idea!