Sunday, February 7, 2010

Something different to make for Valentines Day

For three years in a row this super fancy jewelry store in our area... had a Valentines Day contest. The contest started for the first time in 2004 and I entered and won second place which was a $600.00 watch for my husband along with Godiva chocolates and wine. There is a long, long story associated with that entry but I didn't have a digital camera then so I didn't record it...I'll dig and try to find what I made so I can share it with was cool.

The next year I entered a little book I made, again no digital camera but I know where the book is so I'll take pictures and show you how to make that next. That year I won first place which was an amazing Breitling watch for my husband. I also won Godiva Chocolates but I didn't give them to him...ha! Hey, I needed a reward for all my hard work. It is a fancy/schmancy watch and he loves it.

And the last year they did the contest I entered again and won first place which was a stay in some fancy/schmancy hotel with all the meals and wine and blah, blah, blah. It was a little highbrow for me but they did have a great bathtub for me to eat room service from so I was pretty happy.

And then they discontinued the contest which was too bad cuz I had a few more good ideas...which I have now forgotten.

Anyway...I came up with an idea to make resin candy. That sounds strange, doesn't it. But let me show you and see what you think. It's either a super weird idea cuz I've never seen it done before or else I'm just a craft trend setter. (cough, cough) Yea. That's it. Jenny Matlock Craft Trend Setter. Wow. That has a great sound - even better then "Off on My Tangent".

Wait, I need to unswell my head for a second here so I can continue with this post.

Do you have a pin?

OK, all is back to normal...or as normal as my head ever really gets.

So the first thing you have to do is gather together some stuff like resin (it's that two part stuff that really stinks) and all the stuff you need to mix the resin in. I tried plastic cups but to be honest it didn't work all that hot. But mixing the resin is your own problem, really. I can't tell you how to do everything here at Jenny Matlock Craft Trend Setter.

You'll also need some little things to put into your resin like buttons or glitter or beads or plastic stars or bees. You'll see my finished product and I'm sure you will think of other ideas to use.

You'll need a silicone tray to make molded chocolate, some vegetable oil, some of those little candy cup things that look like midget cupcake liners and a cool box.

Before you begin mixing your resin put a tiny bit of vegetable oil on a paper towel and wipe that inside your molded chocolate tray. Put your little candy cup papers in a row. Put whatever little doodads you want (yes, doodads is so a word!) where you can grab them quickly and follow the instructions on the back of the resin can. Don't do this inside. It smells really disgusting. And wear gloves. Trust me on this step.

While you're mixing the resin you can pretend you are a mad scientist. It makes it even more fun.
Now you need to work quickly but then fill the candy containers about 3/4 full with the resin.

Quickly position all the little doodads you like in the cups. Remember that the bottom of the candy molds will become the top when you unmold them. The cups will not be unmolded so arrange your doodads appropriately. Wait until the resin is totally hard to unmold the chocolate molds and leave the little candy cups alone to harden.

Now you need a box. Because you are going to make a pseudo-Whitmans Chocolate box. Do you know that kind of candy? Is has the little roadmap in the lid? So bear with me.

I found this flattish box and I spray painted it with high-gloss, low-odor spray paint. The inside is painted black and the outside is painted a cool, funky purple.

Isn't it pretty?

Isn't it shiny?

Then I made a little pretend label out of some paper with circles and put glass glitter all over it to make it shiny.

Oooh....isn't it pretty?

Isn't it shiny?
And then I hand-wrote a little tag.

OK, this is going to come together pretty quickly now so pay attention.

Do you need to run to the bathroom first? OK, we'll wait.

La la la... la la la... Wow, that was fast. You must have really had to go.

So now you arrange your resin chocolates in the box. I did glue them down so they wouldn't shift around.

See how pretty the top looks with the opened box?

And then you have to make up a pseudo-Whitmans chocolate thing for the inside of the the person getting the resin candy can identify what each candy is filled with! Ta da! Isn't this cool? I love it.

I thought you could make up little boxes for friends or for shower favors with appropriate doodads.

AND you can play with resin and be a mad scientist. AND you can spray paint something! AND it's all sparkly and pretty!

And that is my brilliant Valentines Day craft.

Uh oh.

It's oddly silent here in Blogland. Don't you like it?

What do you mean why?

Because you can, my friends. Because no-one makes resin candy. And because it's sparkly. And pretty.

And isn't that, really, totally enough?


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Julie Kwiatkowski Schuler said...

I dunno. If I had my face all fixed for candy, that might make me pretty mad! No, no, I really think it's neat-o. I haven't used resin before but I thought about it because I had some really really pretty garden spiders and insects I wanted to preserve- but I didn't have the heart to do it. So there you have it- in spite of all my horror themed art- I couldn't hurt a fly!

mrs. c said...

I have always wanted to learn to use resin. I have seen it used to seal table tops that have been decorated. I just wonder about how "enviromentally friendly" resin is? I just like to be as "green" as possible.

myletterstoemily said...

you are clearly a genius! lucky husband!

Viki said...

Very cute craft.

They must have stopped the contest because people thought you were a ringer LOL.

Love your song, I can't wait for summer.

Beth said...

What a neat idea! Your husband was getting some great jewelry out that deal.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Jenny they are awesome, cute and just so clever! Will I make some?? No, Never, Not gonna happen. WHY? I need real candy cause I'm getting old and when I forget and take a bite of the resin candy my dental bills will cost me....well you get the idea! But they are REALLY CUTE!

Lynda said...

Very pretty and very clever. That's what I like about your blog - - the creative things you do and you always seem so upbeat.

Too bad about the contest. They could have made a rule that said previous winners were ineligible to enter again. That way other people would have a chance!

Annesphamily said...

Hey Mad Scientist, you crack me up! But your idea was cool & it turned out so pretty!

Terri Steffes said...

I like any candy that doesn't add extra calories to my butt. That being said, I know I would try to eat it, even though I know it is resin. What does that say about me?

Busy Bee Suz said...

Jenny, this is awesome. You are so brilliant...and you even gave me a potty break!!!
Ok, now for the questions. Does the candy come out of the little doodad cups once it is dry/hard? That part I could not figure out.
And I suppose the ones you made in the mold, you took out and put into the little cupcake mold doodads. right?
This looks like something my kids and I would love to do!!!
You are so clever!!
Oh, and that watch you won for your husband the 2nd time...that is what my husband wants ONE DAY!!!

Justine said...

Holy crap. All that work and you can't even eat it? But it looks sooooooooo good!

Now what were the things you made for the contests you won? I know you don't have pics, but you could at least try to explain!

Justine :o )

Vicki/Jake said...

They probably thought you'd won enough...poo to them!
Love your candy idea, Was this the glittery fun with the grand daughters today? Or did you have the real thing for them? haha, you're just having a fun life!

Sue said...

First...I think it is wonderful you won all those goodies 3 different years. There is no hotel too fancy for me...I would have loved that one!

These are really cute. I migraine with smells, so I won't be trying it...but, what a clever thing to think of!


Simple Home said...

And I thought resin was only used for fixing surfboards :-) (My husband is a surfer) These are so cute. I like the idea too, less fattening than the real stuff :-)

Brenda said...

They are pretty little candies. You sure put a lot of work into the box too. Neat idea!

Unknown said...

Cool. I shared an award with you today! Come ck it out @

Unknown said...

I think it is really a great idea...what if you made it like candy and put it in a candy box but put magnets on the back too? just an idea....

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

This is AWESOME! It's something pretty that will last forever, for all those Valentine's Days to come!

You're Craft Magic! No, no, not Kraft Magic! That's a bed!

You can tell us though - were any hallucinogenic drugs used in the creation of this project? We won't tell anyone!

Mardell said...

Those are really, really cool. I've always wanted to do stuff with resin but am sorta chicken. You make it look very easy Ms. Matlock! ♥ Yes, I remember when you won those contests (the LIB stories on GBP!) Who could forget?

Jo said...

how totally cute!! you are a craft trendsetter!

Deb said...

now thats a great post