Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An Alphabe-Thursday Uh-OH!

Man oh man! I am a bad meme administrator.

But shhhh.... don't tell Coralie and she will never know that I TOTALLY FORGOT TO LINK HER GREEN POST UP THIS WEEK! She's at a wedding and I assured her I would remember but, yea...ummm... I didn't.


Pretty, pretty please click here to read Coralie's Green post for Rainbow Summer School.

And, hey, while you are at it, visit a few of the other last links. They hardly had any visitors this week!

Oh, and ummm.... Coralie? If you're reading this.

I will use one of my most common phrases I hear of late expressing feelings of true remorse.

MY BAD!!!!!!

Yikes. That hurt to even write that. I shudder at those non-sincere words whenever I hear them. And then I generally want to say "apology NOT accepted"!

So, Coralie, let me try again.

I'm sorry.

And I remembered this at 5:00 am so now I fixed it I'm going back to bed.

MY BED!!!!!!!!!

hee hee!

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Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

You FORGOT something?


Who ever heard of such a thing!?!

Why, I never FORGET!

I'll just bet that not one of your Readers, ever FORGETS anything.

It's just not done. This FORGETTING stuff!

It's not.

It's not.

NONE of us ever FORGET anything.
-evil gigggggles-


Deb said...

It is what it is...that's our new saying around here...

~✽Mumsy✽~ said...

You've just made up for Carolie, and I'm sure she will forgive you :-)

Tina said...

We all goof. Remember the prayer chain email??? Yeah. I've been there. This was a nice apology. And I'm going to read her post now :-)

Susan Anderson said...

From the amount of comments she has, I think we've redeemed you!

And I agree, hearing "my bad" makes ME feel mad!


Cheryl D. said...

I was out of town last week, so I didn't even participate. It didn't even occur to me to ask you to link me up. I guess because I knew you'd flake big time. Nice going! ;p !

Sue said...

If I didn't write myself notes, I would never remember a thing these days!

RNSANE said...

You've been so wonderful to salvage my screwups logging on to Mr. Linky poo, I don't wonder that you forget something once in awhile....of course, it could be a sign of aging, you know. As my boys tell me, you might not be taking enough gingko. When they want to really arouse my ire, they tell me there is not enough ginkgo on the planet to help my memory. They know I cannot run fast enough to catch them.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Jenny...this is so COOL! I couldn't figure out why so many people were just coming over now to comment on GREEN. I mean, I know those kittens are cute but my oh my what a sweet group of visitors I've had today! Thanks for forgetting so I could have a post all my own. Love it!

P.S. Shh...don't tell anyone but I'm BACK!

Lourie said...

Haha...we forgive you. Even for the "my bad" We can't help but say it in this house. A near teen and a tweener...it's bound to be said.

Christy said...

We say "sad face" around here! I hate it when I forget something grr!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Ah yes, my bad. That phrase is especially special when you have just scolded one of your kids and they look at you and say, "my bad". It just happened to me today so if you see me on the news tonight, you'll know how I feel about that!