Monday, October 4, 2010

Cherokee Healer - Part two

If you missed the first part of this true story, just click here before you starting reading this.

You might recall, I had left part one of the story just as I laid down on the mattress.

Lisa then told me to remember not to talk to her unless she asked me something specifically and then she began.

She started at my right shoulder and rubbed both hands firmly down the whole arm to the very tips of my fingers. It wasn’t a light touch. More a firm, slow rubbing. Again, I found it odd that it didn’t bother me. I’m always willing to give a hug but I’m not big on being touched. She rubbed over and over again. Sometimes she would put the palm of one of her hands flat onto my heart. Then she would rub that right arm again. Then she rubbed my left arm the same way. Arm, arm, arm…shoulder to fingers, shoulder to fingers, heart. Over and over again. She was humming a little bit but not saying anything. Then she started on my legs…thigh to foot. Same firm touch. Always returning to my heart. Over and over. And then she did my left leg.

Then she started on my right arm again but this time went from fingertips to shoulder, up my neck, put both hands on my face and sort of ‘pulled’ my face. It didn’t hurt.

This time when she put her hands flat on my heart she said ‘You don’t need this pain anymore’ or ‘The things that kept you safe can go now.”

While she was doing this I felt like I was floating. It seemed like I was in a room filled with fog, but it was probably just the smoke from the burning cedar. Again, it was more of a sensation, though, because I didn't open my eyes.

During the time she was doing this I felt huge emotions welling up in me…like that tight feeling you get in your heart and your face right before you start to cry really hard. But then she would put her hands on my face, pull her fingers through my hair, and the feeling would go away.

I didn’t feel uncomfortable or weird or weirded out anytime during this process.

She had some soft music playing in the background and I had my eyes shut. I had no idea how long had elapsed.

Then she said something like “I need to put a layer of protection around your heart, I am going to light some sweet grass and circle you with it.”

Again, there was a strong, sweet smell and I didn’t open my eyes, but the smell didn’t give me a headache.

Then she put her hand on my heart again and said, “The things you needed to survive aren’t needed anymore,” and sort of rubbed my head and my heart.

“Pollen. I am going to place pollen on your heart for further protection,” she said, softly. And I could hear her sort of making a blowing noise. I opened my eyes and she asked me close them.

Then she said, very softly, "Please just lay here until you feel ready to get up and then we will talk".

I had no idea how much time had elapsed. After a few minutes I sat up.

I felt very light. Like I had lost half of my body weight.

I got off the table, put my shirt and shorts on and went and sat in the chair.

I could see little bits of yellow on my arm and could feel something slightly sandy on my cheeks.

After a bit more time, Lisa came and sat in the other chair. She held up her hand and said, “I will talk now. If I ask you a question, you can answer it. But other question, please wait until we are done.”
The first thing she asked me was, “Why have you changed your magnesium?”

I told her that I had run out of the liquid magnesium I had been taking and had started using capsules. She told me, it isn’t working. You need to go back to what you were using.


“There is nothing wrong with your heart,”” she continued, “it is the magnesium.”

I started to talk and she raised her hand to stop me.

(Note: When my magnesium gets out of sync I get terrible heart arrythmia. It is quite painful. I had extensive testing done including some pretty icky tests and they could never find anything wrong. When I started to the naturopath she had me start taking liquid magnesium and it fixed all the strange heart runs)

Then she said, “You have many things wrong with you. But nothing is fatal. Nothing is terminal. You feel like you are dying sometimes, but you are not.”

I waited.

She asked me why I was not taking my B vitamins. I told her I had become toxic with them. She said my kidneys were working fine now (I have had a lot of trouble with my kidneys) and I was supposed to start taking them again. Sublingually, she added.

She told me to start taking flax seed oil.

She told me to take my magnesium at night. (which I’m supposed to do and somehow got away from)

She told me one of my medicines is horribly out of kilter and that I needed bloodwork done right away.

She asked me about my cholesterol. I told her I had just had it checked but it was great. She said she was puzzled because she saw something in my blood but didn’t know what it was exactly. She then added that whatever that was in my blood needed to be checked, but it was fixable.

This went on for some time. And then she paused for a long time and I started to talk but she held up her hand again for me to wait.

OK. Deep breath. This is just weird stuff.

She said she had placed protection around my heart. That I was a mother to everyone but my heart was like a sponge and not only did I feel everyones pain but that it stayed in my heart…and my heart was full.

She whispered, “You have had to be strong because your life has been hard; very, very hard. But you are safe now. The negativity that surrounds you is still there but you are protected now…it can’t hurt you any longer.”

The whole thing felt very surreal. She told me that the person who is my mother is facing an exploration of their past and is troubled by it. I look puzzled. She explained further that this person is the one I spend all my time with and that this person has very bad feet. I must have looked puzzled again because she added, “The person whose feet and back hurts quite often,” and I realized she was talking about my husband, Steve.

She told me that I am an intuitive and can feel peoples pain and that now I had protection I could continue with my works and continue to help people who were suffering.

I was just blown away by everything she was saying.

She told me that the people that were hurting me and breaking my heart over and over again would no longer be able to harm me. And that I could be around them safely and not worry.

I know you are going to be annoyed but writing about this is oddly exhausting.

On Wednesday I will tell you the rest of this story, including what happened afterwards. And what happened to my friend who recommended I go there.

I will just end right now by saying that every single thing she said to me was true. And I didn’t tell her any of this. And I wondered if my friend might have told her some of this, but most she doesn’t even know.

Give me until Wednesday morning and you shall have the rest of the story.

Thank you for letting me share this with you. It was truly an amazing experience.

To be concluded on Wednesday, October 6.

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Terra said...

Wow Jenny, I would say at the very least this is a very intuitive woman (the healer) and I could see many of the "life" parts of this ringing true with you (I do not of course know the vitamins part) some of us naturally feel so much of what others are feeling, experiencing - it is part of what makes us who we are and yes you, are one of the biggest hearted people I know and I imagine the burden of feeling for all the people you know must way heavily on your heart. I can not imagine a day when that compassion that feeling doesn't somehow affect you (others too) but I suppose that would be an enormous relief, a weight lifted - especially if you could maintain the same compassion that makes you who you are yet not let it hurt.

This seems as though it was an amazing experience, I have to say I am still not ready to run out and find me a cherokee healer - pollen, on my heart...can you say asthma? OMG.

But in all seriousness I know that in every healing process weather it be through medicine, therapy, books or otherwise - just one little thing, can make all the difference in the world - and for you I hope this is the thing!

Oh wait, your out of wack blood. Do you have an appointment today?

Silke Powers said...

Dear Jenny, Your story is giving me chills! However, I've had experiences very similar to this, so I am probably way less of a skeptic than others. I am so happy for you that you found someone like that... Much love, Silke

Bonnie said...

I find this so interesting. I've had similar experiences and it can be life changing. I got goosebumps at the part where she said "the things that kept you safe can go now, you now longer need them." I felt some relation to this, not sure why, I will have to think about that today.

I am so glad you are sharing this with us. I love that she said your heart is now protected, you can still have compassion but will not absorb everything you feel. (something like that).

I would have never guessed you were in so much pain. You are such a positive uplifting person!

I will be standing by for part 3, can't wait.

Have a wonderful day.

ps. Have you had the blood work done?

ain't for city gals said...

Hi Jenny, I have been thinking about this all week...I totally believe in it but I always wonder why and how ...sometimes I think we need validataion from someone who is tell us things that deep down we know already. Some people just have "the touch" and to find one is a miracle in its own day I might ask you for the name....I do know once I had a massage and the woman's hands were so warm and you could feel the energy from the time she was done I was crying...emotions are that strong...take care girlfriend...waiting to hear the rest of the story and let us know how you are doing I never did the e-mail connect thing...just don't have the time...

Debbiedoos said...

WOW that is some powerFUL stuff there Jenny!!~ Interesting. My husband takes both Mag and Flax seed every day...I need to take some Mag, I get heart palpitations for years now...I have been tested and everything is fine...I feel mine are hormonal. Can't wait to hear the rest.

Theresa said...

WOW JENNY, that is amazing. I can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

I feel better and I wasn't even there!


Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Woah! Chills!!! Take as much time as you need to write part 3. It's understandable that it is exhausting to write it all out!

It's really fascinating reading.


The Decorative Dreamer said...

This is a very interesting story and I cannot wait to hear the next installment. I read the first last week and was looking forward to this one. So glad you reminded us it is a true story, I was wondering last week if this was fiction. Only because you do write fiction stories too! LOL! Having compassion without absorbing others pain is often very difficult for me also. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

Silke Powers said...

Hi, Jenny,

I'm leaving a comment because for some reason I can't e-mail to your e-mail address... If you look on the left column of my blog, you can find the link to my etsy shops. At the moment I am selling only prints of my artwork - don't have many originals left, plus I never know how to price them... Let me know if you have questions!

Thanks, Silke

Anonymous said...

Thank you, sweet Jenny for posting part 2 today. You know I have been waiting anxiously to read it, will be waiting for Wednesday for the next chapter. I am very interested in seeing what happens next. I am also anxious to find out what happened to your friend.


Viki said...

I don't know if I could do something like this. I think I would probably laugh. Not that I wouldn't believe in it, it would probably just strike me as funny.

Tina said...

I'm glad you found someone who can help you. And I'm sorry for all your suffering prior to this. Chronic pain is unbelievable tiring. I know it well. Can't wait to read the rest of this! {{{hugs}}}

Busy Bee Suz said...

I can only imagine how hard it was for you to write this...draining.
I can't wait to read the rest.
Thank you for sharing with us...we all learn from each other.

Deborah said...

I'm so looking forward to hearing the rest but already I feel soo excited and pleased for you. I understand about it being exhausting to recount, it's sounds like a real life changing and life affirming experience. I'll look forward to Wednesday :o) x

Ames said...

There is peace in understanding. We probably shouldn't keep putting bandaids on reoccurring wounds if we don't first find out why we get them.

I find her reference of "mother", and how you determined it to be your husband interesting. I am selfishly curious.

I promise not to be so impatient in waiting for Part 3 Jenny. Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience with us.~Ames

Jessica B said...

Wow. In all honesty I wish I knew how to find a someone like that where I live. I would be so willing to go out to AZ for that alone! So glad that you found it in you to make this happen... sounds like it was an amazing experience. Looking forward to the next post. :)

Amy said...

See, instinct tells me to be all stalkerish again, but since it is exhaustive to you, I suppose I am just going to have to break down and grow me some patience. *sigh* It sounds wonderful, and I am wondering if there is a native american healer around these parts. :) I would love to have someone tell me what it is my body needs so I can feel optimal. You are lucky. You don't have to guess anymore. You have amazing soul seeing people guiding you.

And wow, not only was it a physical healing, it was an emotional healing for you as well. Wow! glad you aren't going to be hurting anymore.

Cheryl said...

I've done some of this work myself. So much of what she said didn't surprise me a bit. In the end, what they tell you on the plane is true: Put on your own oxygen mask first before you assist others.

I'm going to nag like so many before me. Please schedule that blood work STAT.

Looking forward to Part Trois.

Unknown said...

I don't doubt the truth of this one bit. I feel we are all given gifts by our creator. It is obvious this Cherokee healer is in tune with her purpose in this world. If only all of us were open to the gifts He offers to us.

Get that blood work done now, okay? I see divine intervention at work here.

Sue said...

I am scared to death when I have to take a new prescription, it is hard to imagine having no fear with inhaling odd smells and having someone tell you so many truths. Sitting here it seems quite unnerving to me, but obviously it wasn't to you. I can't wait for more.

Mrs. M said...

I am so fascinated by this - I have had some annoying health problems for a while and nobody has been able to help...this is such an engrossing read. I was hoping it wasn't another to be continued, but I understand and I guess I can wait until Wednesday. :)

Willoughby said...

Like everyone else, I'm fascinated by your visit to the healer. I can't wait to read part three! I'm also anxious to find out how your life and health have changed since your visit.

NatureGirl said...

You ARE everyone's mother. It is obvious to those of us who have never really met you. It is part of your charm, but alas sometimes we mother too much don't we. Beautiful story. I cannot get enough. Keep writing.

Cheryl D. said...

Wow! I'm blown away by all this! Did you follow her advice and get your blood checked? I hope so.

Take care of yourself!

It sounds like this was an awesome experience!

One Photo said...

A very interesting story, can't wait to hear the conclusion.

Susan Anderson said...

Talk about intuitive, this lady sounds about as intuitive as they come. I can't wait to hear more!


Julie Kwiatkowski Schuler said...

Jenny! I sent you an e-mail, but I'm having a horrible time with my new e-mail account. I wrote that I'd like to give you this painting as a gift, but I need your address again. Respond to my old e-mail-

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Jenny this is so brave of you to share. This is very personal and I know it is touching me deeply. I think I take on too much of others pain and I'm trying to let it go away from me. I look forward to the next part when you are up to it.

Christine Wang said...

very interesting story and perspective. i love blogs that have installments of stories.

Anonymous said...

I am anxious to read part III. I love healing and being healed. It truly is a surreal experience. I'm anticipating a happy ending.


KK said...

Sounds amazing so far.

Stef said...

Oh, these people are amazing and a little bit...scary in that they can feel so much about someone they know nothing about. Can't wait to read the rest

Holly Lefevre said...


I seriously have tears in my eyes, but am not quite sure why...the impact of this experience perhaps, the emotions, the fact that there are people out there who are healers and can help so much, the fact that you are brave enough to share this with us. I am coming to visit so I can go see her!

Pondside said...

I can't wait to read the rest of this. So far, all I can say is that you are so lucky to have been sent to this healer....and so fortunate to have been open minded enough to take up the opportunity. We really know so little about what makes human beings tick and modern medicine needs to be more open to a partnership with alternative treatments.

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

You are going to get so many emails from this. Do you need to hire a personal assistant? I could do it from home and I work cheap!

Kat said...

This sounds like an amazing experience Jenny. Incredible what can happen when we open our minds and hearts to something different. I'm anxious to hear the rest of the story. It's interesting how relaxed I felt after reading this. I'm like you, I'm not much on "touching", the worst gift someone could give me would be a massage :) But I think I would be open to this experience. Can't wait to read the rest. Kat

Gattina said...

In the past I was very suspicious about this kind of healers, but today I have changed my mind. Some of them have really special gifts.

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

holy cow, why do I feel like I'M being lifted of my chair!

Wanda..... said...

Your experience sounded very positive, Jenny. Hope it truly improves your medical issues, we all should be open minded and accepting.

Unknown said...