Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Conversation with a Grandlittle (and a little favor, please!)


Things have been really busy around here lately. Our Grandlittles are leaving for 13 days on their annual vacation (along with their parents). Before they leave each year I try to spend some extra time with each girl know, just to ensure they don't forget me and all.

I wasn't totally surprised when little Mo asked me a few days ago if we could have a 'private conversation'. Yes, she said that. She's mighty smart for a five year old.

I agreed, of course, and we went into my bedroom and she carefully shut the door.

Me: What's on your mind, Miss Mo?
Mo: Gwamma?! How long can humans live without food?
Me: Geez. I don't know. I know it's a little while but it's more important that you have water.
Mo: Gwamma!? What about little kids? How long can little kids live without food?
Me: Geez. I don't know. We could probably ask Grandpa or look it up. I'm just not really sure. Why are you asking me this?

Mo hangs her head down and gives a tiny sniff.

Me: Mo? Sweetie pie. Talk to me. Did you see something on TV?
Mo:, sniff) Gwamma!?!?
Me: Yes, Mo. What are you thinking about?
Mo: you know we are driving Poppa's truck on vacation?
Me: Yes, I do.
Mo: you know we can't eat in his truck?
Me: No, no I didn't know that.
Mo: (Bursting into tears) GWAMMA!!!! Daddy says it is going to take two whole days to get there. I don't know if I can not eat for two whole days!!!!! I will be too hungry!
Me: Mo? Sweetie. You don't have to go two days without eating!
Mo: Yes! Yes we do. Daddy said we can't eat in Poppa's truck!

Tears are pouring down her sweet little face.

Me: Mo? Listen to me. Daddy will stop. A lot. And when he stops you can eat. You will get to eat as much as you usually eat. I promise, okay?.
Mo: (sniff, sniff) A lot? You mean enough for a human?
Me: Yes, baby. Enough for a human, and a little girl for sure!

She looks at me. Her face is so serious.

Mo: Are you totally sure, Gwamma? Daddy said...
Me: I'm totally sure, Mo. I promise you your Mom and Dad won't starve you for two days, okay?
Mo: Gwamma?
Me: Yes, Mo?
Mo: I love you.



Okay, seriously.

She is so darned sweet.

And so are you.

Pretty darned sweet, I mean.

Don't go 'huh?' to me. You know that I know you are sweet.

How do I know this?

I know this because you've helped me out before, and I'm hoping you'll do it again.

Some of you know the lovely PJ (Seens from the Back of my Eyelids). Well, PJ's Mom and her step-Mom passed away recently. And PJ's Dad is turning 80 on July 11. Having just lost two of the most important woman in his life, he's not really feeling in a celebratory birthday mood.

Here's where you come in, if you can.

If you could put a birthday card in the mail to him, that would be totally swell. And really human of you, too!

It would be so neat if he could receive at least 80 cards! I mailed one today and our Grandlittles mailed one to him as well. That makes two. I hope you guys can help fill in the missing 78!

July 11
80 years young!

Hank Thoms
613 Beechwood Avenue
Milford DE 19963


Thanks a bunch.

And now I have to run. It's time for dinner and heaven knows I don't want to be one of those humans that starves to death!


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People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

Young children take everything so literally....we forget. Mo is such a sensitive, caring little girl...and this was HILARIOUS!

Thanks, Matlock, for the shout out about my Dad. His losses are still fresh and his house is empty. Filling it up with cards will not only make him smile, it will mystify him! xo

Deb said...

awww what a little nice to have grandma to get everything straightened sweet to send FIL turned 80 this year...

Anonymous said...

So sweet, but funny!
Please tell Daddy to feed that lovely little one!teehehe!

Theresa said...

Sweet conversation with your little one:) Love those grandbabies to pieces!

I will certainly send a birthday card to Hank for his 80th Birthdday!

Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

21 Wits said...

Oh this is for sure a grandlittle's precious moment...they are so darling at this age of being innocent and really taking things straight to the heart with every little word we say....and so many times they believe something and hold it inside for heaven knows how long before they even spills the beans so you can help explain things...great for you to be there for important Jenny! Yes humans do need food, and water, and birthday off to find a card for Hank! Take care Jenny!

Unknown said...

Awww...she's just so....awww.... :) Your grandlittle is such a cutie! I love that that conversation you two had. I'm glad you cleared up that problem for her because it must have been so terrifying for her to think that she'll have to starve for two whole days!

I will definitely send a birthday card too but being how I'm on the other side of the world from him, it might not reach Hank until after his birthday.

summersundays-jw said...

Don't you love that she picked you to talk to! If life doesn't get in my way today, a birthday card will be in the mail. What a great idea! Jan

Anonymous said...

awww so precious is she (as usual)! It's amazing how these little ones think....
will stamp up a card to send out to Hank...


ImagiMeri said...

So precious! What are you gonna' do with yourself for two weeks without them?

Love ya'

Terra said...

That conversation was ADORABLE on so many levels! How sweet is she!

Count me in for a card. Will do it today!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Awwww I love your Grandlittles and you! How wonderful you have this great relationship with these sweet girls. You are my Gwamma role model.

I will send PJ's dad a card for sure. I am so sorry for their loss and hope this will bring a little cheer!


Anonymous said...

That conversation is just too cute! It's amazing the simple things that kids end up worrying about.


Pat said...

Your grandlittles have got to be the sweetest little humans. You are blessed to have them & they are likewise blessed to have you...and to reassure them there will be a constant supply of food! What a great story.

ain't for city gals said...

Maybe I should go for a ride in Poppa's truck and instruct the driver not to stop for about a week! I might lose my last 10 pounds!! Card in the mail today...

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Card? OF COURSE!!!

And I'll find the link to anther sweet blogger, who has a project of allowing people to send cards to 'olden' folks.

As to your grandbaby, oh I am so glad she asked you!!!!! It is scary, what things kids "think."

One of our little grandsons finally told "Pop" that he didn't know how he would ever learn TO BREATH UNDER WATER. He thought that was how people swam. They breathed under water. oh sighhhhhhhhhhh...

What horrors do they think, and keep inside? Oh sigh.


cj Schlottman said...


Your conversation with Mo was wonderful! So often little kids take words literally and are upset unnecessarily. You did a great job with her. I could feel the love.

My card will go out today. How wonderful of you to suggest sending them. You truly are a good person.


Holly said...

That is the most darling conversation ever!!! How sweet!!!! I hope she always calls you Gwamma!!

Amy said...

That is so sweet and heartbreaking the way she carried that worry around with her! Adorable, I tell you. Adorable.

How sad for Hank, and what a great idea! I already have the card picked out, and can't wait to get it sent off. Thanks, Jenny!

Ms. A said...

Big hugs to Mo, bless her heart!

Cathy Kennedy said...

Oh my heavens, your grandlittle is the most precious darling EVER, Miss Jenny! That just about caused my heart to burst right out of my chest. Isn't it funny how wee ones misintreprate what adults say. This reminds me of something our youngest daughter once said. We were at a restaurant. As we looked over the desserts, my husband said, "We haven't had the chocolate mousse before. Why don't we try that." Our daughter who was then 3 or 4 years old said, "Daddy is it okay if we have moose, too?" Now to understand this, you have to realize when our kiddos were small we did not ever buy beef in restaurants because we were afraid they'd get food poisoning. So, she thought a mousse was a moose meaning it was close to a cow, right? We laughed over that one and explained much to her delight that yes they could have it, too. =D

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Melinda said...

Way to cute! One never know what a child will come up with.


Betty said...

I'm glad you mentioned this on Alphabe-Thursday. I'll get a card off right away.

Yes, two days is a long time to go without food. I'm glad they'll be making necessary stops for food and maybe potty breaks too.

Susan Anderson said...

For PJ's dad? Anything!!


PS. Cute story about your granddaughter. Love it.

Vicki/Jake said...

A taste of my Silliness on the way to Hank...awesome idea:)

Love that conversation with Mo. Love that you have each other... can't wait to hear her stories of the trip.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Everyone in your family is awesome....and they get that from you.
Love the birthday card idea...going to write down his address now and get one in the mail.
You rock Jenny!!!

J said...

I'm going to the store this week, and I will definitely try to send him a nice card. :)

Ames said...

Kids say the darndest things! She is just soooh cute and inocent! She's also lucky to have you document such a sweet story about her. That's one to cherish for the years!~Ames

Rosalind Adam said...

I can tell that Mo is a really precious little girl. My grandchildren all live far away. That relationship you have is amazing. Enjoy.

Unknown said...

awww, she is a little doll for sure....just like her gwamma.....I will send a card, you can count on me!!!!xoxox

Arnebya said...

I love that she came to you that way. It's warming. And Mr. Hank Thoms will receive a birthday card from DC. Nothing like the kindness of strangers.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Oh Jenny, I love this story! We never know what is in the mind of a child. I'm glad she talked to you about it. There's no telling how long she has been worrying about it. Bless her little heart. I may be too late, but I'll try to get a b'day card in the mail today. You're so sweet to post about that. laurie

Julie Kwiatkowski Schuler said...

What a cute story! I'll tell you mine- when we were in the car my husband said we were going to see something that "would knock our socks off". Justin thought about it for a while and then added "but we can keep our shoes on."

I'll send a card, but it will be late. Like everything I mail.