Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Don't go leaping to any conclusions...

Just warning you.

Here's a little knock knock joke for you.

Because it's Leap Year.

And I know you want to celebrate with me.


Go ahead.


You say, "Knock, Knock!"

Got it?


Go! Really! It's your turn first.

"Knock, knock!" You say.

Wait! Wait! That's not right!

Let's start over.

I start first.

"Knock, knock!"

"Who's there?" you say.


"Mary who?" you say.

"Mary me and I'll love you forever!" I say.


Cute, wasn't it?

You can't roll your eyes at me, Missy. I warned you right in advance. I told you not to leap to any conclusions.

Sadly, even though I did a bunch of google searches I couldn't find a single Leap Year knock knock joke.



That's the VERY best I could come up with today.


Happy Leap Year anyway.

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Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Someone I know said "This day was four years in the better be good!" Happy leap day!

Ms. A said...

Oh, well... you tried!

Terra said...

Hey Hey! A knock knock is a knock knock. We used to tell knock knocks in the car to keep little ones awake on car rides we didn't want them napping during...they made up some doozies! Makes me giggle thinking about it! So Leap Year...I totally forgot about that....hmmmm - should I spend my day leaping from place to place? um, NO. But it would be funny.

Unknown said...

LOL, so funny if someone were to propose that way! Happy leap year:-)

aspiritofsimplicity said...

thanks for the laugh. I thought it was kinda cute!

Theresa said...

Happy Leap Year to you too dear Jenny! HUGS and smiles!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Now how'd ya know I rolled my eyeballs girl???


Woohoo, leapin' for joy here.

God bless and have a sunshiny kinda day my sweet friend!!! :o)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Good One! Knock Knock jokes are funny cause their stupid! I like em! Happy Leap Year! hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

Today is my parents anniversary! They only have it every 4 years. And Happy Leap Day to you too!

lissa said...

have a great leap year day! silly joke bu then again, it's still fun to read it.

anitamombanita said...

I hope this day finds you leaping for joy!! :)

Susan Anderson said...

Your self-coined knock knock joke?


In fact, my heart leap within me.


Sue said...

When I was a kid I thought Leap Year Day was so was so simple then! Happy LY to you too! How's that job going?

A little giveaway on my blog...if you have time!

Keri {One Mama's Daily Drama} said...

That could totally be a leap year joke! There is an Irish tradition that on Leap Day, a girl can ask a boy to marry her and he has to say yes.

Unknown said...

Happy Leap Day! We have been telling frog jokes at our house. They leap don't they.

Unknown said...

Have a happy one -I always remember a leap year, because hubby's uncle was BORN on the leap day, and the dilemma of the family when to have his birthday!

EG CameraGirl said...

Happy Leap Year Day to you too!

Unknown said...

that was so not funny that I are a nut....hahah

Unknown said...

So cute. Yes we were told long ago that leap year was the year to propose. lol

Splendid Little Stars said...

and a Happy Leap Year to you, too!