Friday, February 3, 2012

I lost Morgan's heart...

...and I was totally sad because there was a great story about it that I wanted to share with you.

So I asked my daughter-in-law to see if she could find the heart.

But she couldn't.

And I went out to the garage and looked in my car thinking the heart might be there.

But it wasn't.

And then I thought to myself, "Hey, you can kinda/sorta make a heart like that so you can still tell the story."

So I did.

And now.


Here's the story.


This past Wednesday afternoon I went to pick the Grandlittles up from school.

The little one, Morgan, always gets out about ten minutes before her sisters because she's in Kindergarten. She's always happy and skipping and full of joyous energy.

But this past Wednesday she came outside really subdued and really, really quiet.

"Hey, Mo! Are you okay?"

She didn't answer me. Instead she handed me a paper heart.

It looked kinda/sorta like this one, but it was much, much sweeter.

"This is cute, Mo. But why was your day so bad?"

"Grandma? I made this heart for everybody but then all the kids started making fun of my nickname."

"Morgan, what do you mean your nickname?"

"Grandma! My nickname! You know? Momo?"

"Morgan? I'm sorry. What do you mean they were making fun of you?"

"Grandma! See that hole up there on my heart? That's from a tear. A tear from when they were making fun of my nickname!"

"Morgan? I'm sorry. I didn't know that hole was from a tear. Do you want to tell me what they were saying about your nickname?"

"Grandma! Are you listening to me? They were making fun of my nickname, MoMo!"

I am pretty dense about some things, but I'm pretty quick to recognize when I'm on the losing end of a conversation, so I tried changing the subject.

"Well, Mo! It's really a pretty heart. So what do these letters down here mean?" I pointed to the FVBD.

She signed in disgust. "Grandma! You aren't listening to me! I told you I made the heart for For eVeryBoDy? See? Can you read that? For eVeryBoDy!"



I took her to the car and hugged the stuffing out of her until her sisters got out of school.

A hole from a tear?


And how could anybody make fun of my sweet little MoMo?


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Unknown said...

Awwww! I want to hug the stuffing out of MoMo as well! If you find her heart you must put it in a very safe place.

Jules said...

You are just going to have to tear that whole car and your whole house apart until you find that heart!!!!
It was the tear that got me!!!!!
and FVRB!!!

vivian said...

awwww! what a sweetie. I love her nick name.. I'm all about nicknames. you know, like torry pie.. when I was little I couldnt say vivian and would pronounce my name as bibian, then ended up being called bibs my whole life. My favorite auntie still calls me bibs!
have a great weekend jenny!

LBP said...

Awww... That is so sweet... I teared up... kids can be cruel. I once got a big, furry hat that was all the rage in elementary school in the late 1960's and was soooo happy to wear it until I got to school and kids started calling me skunk head. My head was black and white fur...Then I hated my hat. Give MoMo a big hug from me too.



Unknown said...

She has such a wonderful heart!

21 Wits said...

I'm thinking maybe MO knows where her heart is, do you think? She may have crumpled it too? Wow, I really feel so sad for her, that already in Kindergarten there are children that can be so hurtful already....but Mo's truly big heart is beginning to get stronger already....on a happier sunny note, your child photo rocked! You really haven't changed a bit! YOU shine right through that photo!

Slamdunk said...

Glad you were there to hug Jenny. Kids can be innocently mean.

I do think our little girl in K enjoys the perks of having an immensely popular older brother at the same school. She is greeted by the older girls so much that comments from her peers go in one ear and out the other.

Mrs. M said...

I personally think MoMo is a great nickname! What a sweet thing she did for her class...

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Jenny MoMo is so sweet with a loving heart to match. Kids can be so mean! hugs to her! Linda

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Kids can be so mean!

Poor little MoMo. Maybe you might want to tell her about my Morgan. She is an "adopted" niece. Her Mom is one of my oldest and dearest friends. Her nickname is Lady MoMo and she was a runner up for Miss Rodeo Utah this year! She's gorgeous and a very talented horsewoman. I think MoMo is a wonderful nickname!!!

Pondside said...

Your MoMo is going to be quite a woman - I just know it.
I think you'll find the heart with the hole from a tear - it's just waiting to be found.

anitamombanita said...

oh so brother is 16 months older than I am. That means he was 16 months when I was born..yea, I know, you can do the math. Do you think a 16month old can say Anita? No, they can't, at least not my brother. So, what does he call me? Nini...and then, what does my family call me? Yup, you got it...and they forget that when in public that's not what to call guess who got teased for her name in school too..I can totally relate with Miss Morgan, Miss Mo, little Momo. Sweet girl.

Kass said...

So sweet and sad. When people call me MoMo, they are referring to the fact that I am a Mormon. It's kinda sad too.

Ms. A said...

Isn't it kinda heartbreaking when kids that young can have so much emotion! Good thing you could hug the stuffing out of her, I know that helps. And, if you hug tight enough, it makes them forget the other stuff! (lack of oxygen tends to do that)

Holly said...

Sweet little Lamb...I hope you gave the class a good talking to!!! (that ought to help with the teasing!)
How sweet that she could share here woes with her grandma. You are a good listener...even when you don't get it!

Susan Anderson said...

I always love a phonetic speller.


PS. Please tell her you have a highly discriminating friend who thinks her nickname rocks!

Maureen Wyatt said...

Don't we all wish we could take every hurt away from our kids? ~ Maureen

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely adorable little grandlittle you have sweet Jenny. That hurt had to be much better after all that huggin the stuffin's out of her you did. What a sweet grandma you are. Hugs

Ames said...

Such a heavy burdened little precious heart. Itmakes me mad that children are so cruel sometimes.~Ames

Splendid Little Stars said...

How sad. How sad that children can be so cruel. Here little MoMo was giving her heart to everybody and she got slammed. such a loving heart. May she stay so sweet always.

Unknown said...

Aww poor sweet little Mo....I feel sad that people made fun of her nickname. Well, tell her that Momo in Japanese means "little peach". It's a very popular name and I know a dozen or so Momo's in Tokyo. The Japanese really treasure peaches and so they often name their first born daughters Momo as a way of showing how much they love them :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I think MoMo has the best heart ever!!!! So glad you shared this with us....I hope those other kids realize what a wonderful little friend they have in MoMo!

Terra said...

oh that sweet girl! Bless her heart (even if you did lose it)

Bits-n-Pieces said...

Poor little MoMo! I love her nickname. Tell he it could be worse...she could be like kids in my class whose nicknames are "Sugah-momma", and "Stanky Laig" (well, that's really suppose to be "stinky leg" but you know we ARE in Arkansas, so when you say it, it comes out "stanky laig"!) and yes...those really are what people call those kids!