Monday, September 24, 2012

I tried...oh how I tried... do some serious research last week.
I had planned to do a little Autumn giveaway today...
but things didn't work out the way I planned.
Last week I visited a Starbucks drive-through.
For the sole purpose of buying a "Pumpkin Spice" coffee drink.
My brilliant idea was to try three different lattes and then give away a gift card to the best one.
To one of you.
You know.
Because it was officially the first day of autumn on Saturday.

Oh boy oh boy.
Just because it's over 100 here in Arizona doesn't mean we don't get excited when pumpkin flavors come out.
We feel a little bit like Jimmy Buffet...
Instead of being 5 o'clock somewhere...
...we know with great certainty that it's autumn 'somewhere'.
Mr. Jenny handed me my steamy cup as he drove away.
I inhaled the aroma.
It didn't smell pumpkin-y.
It turned out to not actually be pumpkin at all.  I think it was salted caramel.  
I drank it anyway.
And planned ahead for pumpkin spice.
On Saturday, Mr. Jenny went to our favorite coffee place in the world.
I don't know if you have a Dutch Brothers coffee near you, but if you do you already know how great their coffee is.
"Pumpkin spice, please," I requested.  "I'm trying to do a taste comparison so I can do a little blog giveaway."
Mr. Jenny came back about fifteen minutes later.
I'm not sure what he gave me. 
But there was no pumpkin.
And no spice.
Sunday, however, I thought things were going to change.
Mr. Jenny wanted to go for a drive and I spied (with my little eye) a Dunkin' Donuts!
"Stop!   Stop!" I shrieked.
Mr. Jenny does NOT like it when I do that.
But he complied.
"A small pumpkin spice latte," I said into the tinny speaker.   "Pumpkin.   Spice.  Latte. Pumpkin. Spice.  Latte."

 I repeated myself.
I resisted pumpkin donuts.
All I wanted was my pumpkin spice latte.
I had Mr. Jenny wait while I opened my little cup.
Hooray.   There were spicy looking sprinkles on the top of the foamy latte.
After a few minutes I took a sip.
And another.
And there was no pumpkin in there.
Not a drop.
Just some moderately bitter coffee with milky foam and spice sprinkles.
I put it down in disgust.
"Pumpkin spice is stupid," I told Mr. Jenny.
"I hate pumpkin spice anyway.   Stupid fall.   Stupid coffee places.  Stupid idea to do a stupid taste comparison for a giveaway anyway.  Grrrrr."
Mr. Jenny tried to stay out of my annoyance.
He pretended to be looking out the window.
He drank his own plain latte.
After a few minutes he thought I was calmer and suggested, 'Why don't you try and do a taste test NEXT week?"
I muttered a little bit.  "Stupid pumpkin.   Stupid fall.   Stupid coffee places."
Then I turned the air conditioner way down in the car... feel more autumnal, you know?
And I decided I would try again this week.
Let's hope the plan goes better this week.
But, hey.
I wanted to wish you 'Happy Autumn' anyway.

 Even without a pumpkin spice giveaway.

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Jeanie said...

Is it at all possible that your pumpkin tasting taste buds are not working fully? Just a thought....
I'm sure this weeks taste test will be uber-successful (well, unless I am right about that taste bud thingy).

Carol said...


Naperville Now said...

yer heart is definitely in the right place. thank you!

Ms. A said...

Starbucks is expensive research, to not get what you ordered!

Tatiana said...

awww, that's so sad that you didn't get any pumpkin D: i've tried the actual starbucks one, and it's quite good... though more cinnamon than pumpkin. (not to taunt!)

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Sorry that didn't work out for you this week. I've only tried the Starbucks variety and it's yummy! I get 2 pumps (in a Grande) because it's too sweet for me otherwise.

Gail said...

You gave it a good try and had a great adventure.

That's what counts.

shannon i olson said...

that is just unbelievable! I have a Kuerig coffee machine and one of my favs at this time is the pumpkin, I put caramel flavoring in it. I shall drink one for you.

Yesterday it was in the 20's when we woke up, we went for a walk in crip 40 degree weather with full sunshine and no wind. Perfect falling, should you think I am rubbing it in- remember will be basking in that kind of weather when we are 3o below and snowed in....drinking coffee and cocoa while you barbque!! ;)

Viki said...

I wish I could send you some of our weather. I know you would love it.

Betty said...

I always liked the pumpkin coffee at Gloria Jean's, but they closed here and I don't even know if they're still in business. I bought the pumpkin coffee beans and made my own pumpkin coffee at home. I miss it.

I always like the hot apple cider with whipped cream and caramel on top during fall...even if it doesn't seem like fall here. One year we went to NJ in the fall and it was COLD. I ordered the hot apple cider at Starbucks and it just seemed so much better with COLD weather.

I did decorate the front porch this past weekend. I always use artificial pumpkins...they don't rot in the hot weather.

Unknown said...

LOL....Pumpkin Spice????? Yuk! I agree, salted caramel sounds better. :):) How lunch one day this fall? Sandy

Pat Tillett said...

What a disappointment to be all jacked up for the change of seasons and can't even get a decent autumn drink to celebrate it.

Amy said...

I have been thinking, you need some autumnal cheer. Plans are a-brewing, Jenny. Plans to wipe out all memory of those awful pumpkin-less coffees. This year, you will get a little taste of fall, somehow, somewhere. And if not, maybe you should just come up and visit me and my mountains, eh?

ImagiMeri said...

Are you sure Mr. Jenny didn't drink the pumpkin spiced drinks and give you regular coffee????? He's pretty sneaky you know.

Love ya'

Anonymous said...

Ah Jenny, you tried. We love you for it. Happy Autumn!

Unknown said...

I sure don't miss the heat of the desrt but one great thing is that you can bbq during the fall.

I've never had pumpkin spice coffee before so I wouldn't know what I'm missing. But anything caramel sounds delicious.

Theresa said...

Happy Autumn to you too dear Jenny! Bah Humbug to Pumpkin Spice:) HUGS!

Julie Kwiatkowski Schuler said...

I prefer my pumpkin in a pie shape, coffee on the side. It's about 60 degrees in my house, but I'm determined not to put the heat on until October. I can't believe we were sweating just a few weeks ago.

Jo said...

Starbucks up here has had pumpkin spice since the 1st of september! I look forward to the pumpkin spice season every year! gotta have at least one!

"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

Apparently there is no fall in the UK as they do not, I repeat DO NOT have Pumpkin lattes at the Starbucks in Glasgow, Scotland...much to my daughters dismay!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

It is just so hard to drink anything HOT when it is 100*.
Maybe next week it will only be 98* will all be better, I'm sure of it.

Tonya said...

You just reminded me: I took some pumpkin out of the freezer planning to cook it in something...since it needed to be used up...and I forgot all about it. Stupid pumpkin. It's just this week, must be, anti-pumpkin week. :)
Better luck next week.
It turned out to be a fun read anyhow. :)

Terra said...

We have had a couple days of cool crisp autumn air here, we typically don't get much of a will usually last a couple short weeks and then my friend winter comes. I have met two people this year that share my sentiments with a countdown to winter and that makes me happy!

Bring it on, - oh wait - about the latte. and the pumpkin. and the latte. Um, yea - keep trying I guess!

Debra at HOMESPUN: said...

It is the thought that counts. :)

jesh StG said...

Agree with BuzyBee S. - you don't want a hot drink when it's a 100 degr.! I "survived" those hot days with frappucino's and icy cold bottled mochas you buy at Sam's.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear you couldn't satisfy your pumpkin taste buds, not once but three times.

Love the way you laid out your "adventure" in latte land.

Judie said...

Dear Jenny,
You know I love you, but pumpkin spice coffee sounds REALLY gross! I like my coffee to taste like coffee and not, as Rod calls it,
"cutesy coffee." No--wait--a little Bailey's is, um, o.k. in coffee. Hahahahahaha!!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Oh dear! (Jenny, you crack me up!!!!) When I first started reading, I have to admit, I was ready to put the blame on Mr. Jenny! I thought, well, maybe he didnt order the pumpkin! but then on the last one at Dunkin Donuts, you said that you gave the order for pumpkin sorry Mr. Jenny for thinking it was you!) :o) haha...sorry you didnt get the Pumpkin spice going on.

Blessings & Aloha!
Happy Autumn to you too!
Oh and speaking of "five o'clock somewhere", I shared a bit of Jimmy Buffett on my S post! :o)

anitamombanita said...

you crack me up. :)