Friday, September 14, 2012

It's only words...

This little story is linked to week 123 of Saturday Centus. The prompt is in bold. It is exactly 109 words (100 words PLUS the 9 word prompt) and to be perfectly honest, this is not where I planned to go with this writing.   It's a bit macabre.   To read other work using the same prompt, just click here.

What is that song?
 What was that song?
Can’t you see me trying to sing here?
 Can’t you see I’m still in here?
 La la la… “It’s only words.   And words are all I have”...
Please just look at me.
 Touch my hand.  Maybe you will feel the words you can’t hear my screaming inside my head.
That book!   What was that book about the paraplegic guy and the Morse code?
Damn it!
 What was that book?
 Damn it!
 Can you see I’m in here?
 Can’t anybody hear me?
 Please, please, please…
 Don’t do it.
“I'm so sorry.  She’s gone.   You can pull the plug now…”
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Ms. A said...

Jenny! Oh, my.

Viki said...

When I was young this was like one of my biggest fears kind of. Being buried alive that's before I understood embalming lol.

Unknown said...

Dear Jenny,
Very clever. But the older I get, the less I like jokes and stories like this. Sorry.
Best wishes,
'SC week 123 It's only words...'

ain't for city gals said...

I can really understand some one thinking this while everyone is standing around talking about what "they" should do...

Annesphamily said...

Oh Jenny, you have such a vivid imagination! I always enjoy reading your works! Have a great weekend!
Hugs Anne

Rinkly Rimes said...

I used the bold words quite differently.

Judie said...

Yikes, Jenny! Yes, this is difficult to read. Yes, I know why.


Susan Anderson said...

Oh, dear. That was one very well-aimed punch to the gut.

Nice job, Jenny!


anitamombanita said...

frightening! indeed! but nicely crafted!

Pat Tillett said...

Yow! That was powerful, dark and scary. Did you ever see a movie called Johnny Got His Gun? It was an anti-war movie made back in the early 70's. A guy came home from WW1 terribly wounded. In addition to being totally paralyzed, He couldn't move so much as an eyelash. The hospital thought he was unable to hear or feel anything at all. They did all their medical stuff with no pain killer and then pretty much gave up on him. Most of the movie was from his point of view and thinks he was thinking and trying to say to the people around him (when there was any). Of course he could only "think" to them. Anyway, he had a lot of crazy hallucinations. Sorry about the long comment, but your post reminded me of what that guy was going through.

Amy said...

Oooh, that is great! I love your twisted sense of humor.