Thursday, July 24, 2014

Like a bridge over troubled waters...

...I will lay me down.

I know times are tough still for so many of us.

This morning, though, I got an e-mail from a blog-friend who told me of another blog-friend in dire need of some assistance.

Here's a link to the cause if you are able to help in any way.

Blog friends have come through for me, personally, in so many ways as I've journeyed through my life for the past several years.

I just wanted to share this in case you are able to contribute to this lovely woman and her family.

Hugs and Happy Thursday.
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Melinda said...

Will check it out.

Hope YOU are going well.

M : )

Janie Junebug said...

I clicked on the link. I wish I could help, but I paid my bills today and currently have six cents in my checking account. I have a check on the way, though, so if I don't receive another bill during the next few days, then I should be able to make a contribution. Thanks for making us aware of this situation.


Gattina said...

I wonder if this is not a spam, so many people ask for money ! I am very suspicious about these kind of requests. A real poor person wouldn't have a computer and pay for internet !

Pam Beers. said...

I'm with Gattina.

Susan Anderson said...

Kinda true what the others have said. I tend to help only those I know are legit, which means, people I know personally through my blog or that my good blog buddies know.

You have such a good heart, Jenny.