Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We passed her going up the steep hill...

Her bike glittered cobalt blue in the late morning sunlight.
Her muscled arms glittered with perspiration.
"Calves of steel," I commented to Mr. Jenny.   "How can anyone ride straight up an incline like that?"
We drove to the top of the mountain.
We had planned a low-grade elevation climb hike.  No steep incline stuff for us.
We're working on strengthening Mr. Jenny's lungs and building my strength up again.
We felt virtuous.
Hiking in the wilderness.
That had to be just as good as biking up an intense incline.
We got booted and fanny-packed up.
And just as we were ready to head toward the trail we heard a shout.
"I did it!   I did it!"
Turning toward the racket, we saw the same woman we had passed going up the hill.
Her jubilant grin dimmed the high desert sun!
She rode her bike toward the truck.  "I did it!   Did you see me?   I did it!"
"I totally saw you on the way up," I said.   "Wow.  You are in some seriously good shape!"
She replied, "I'm getting there.   After three kids I had pretty much given up on biking in these mountains, but I decided it was time and I started training."
"I'm really impressed!   Good for you!" 
"And good for you for going hiking."   She gestured toward my boots and walking stick.
I started to minimize hiking.
I started to compare a low-grade elevation hike to strenuous biking up a mountain.
And then I stopped.
And simply smiled at her.
Effort is effort...no matter how dramatic.
So I simply smiled wider and asked, "Do you have enough water? I have extra in the cooler if you need it."
"That would be great!"   She opened her water pack and I poured an ice cold bottle of water in.
We grinned at each other.
"Happy Biking!"
"Happing Hiking!" she shouted over her shoulder as she rode back down the hill.
And it was.

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Janie Junebug said...

Good attitude. Years ago I took step classes at a gym. I struggled through the classes, watching part of the time. In one class this woman always seemed to be next to me. She was sickeningly good at everything and used two extra steps under her step board. I wanted to smack her. So at the end of class one day I said, "You're so good. You inspire me." She smiled, and told me how well I was doing. She assured me it would get easier. She was no longer my enemy. She was part of my support system.

Janie, who is happy because the hot young yard guy is coming over to mow tonight

Anonymous said...

How great! For all three of you. Effort has to start with something. That's the important thing. It's impossible to start at the top. I'm discovering that even with my toe surgery.

Bookie said...

This was a lovely and soothing post to read today! It reminded of me of going on a 7 mile bike ride in Ozark hills a few years ago. A spandex bottomed chick rode the whole thing three times while we were just getting to the top!I now do even less, can do even less. But this morning we walked for second day and the first days in a long while. It is SO hard to keep going sometimes! Esp with all the books and writing in the world! I am so happy you and hubby can do this together! Thanks for writing.....

Pam Beers. said...

You always start with the first step. Good for you. Rah, rah, sis boom ba! Keep on moving and happy trails.

Slamdunk said...

It is always good to share in achievements. Big and small. I'd be going with you all on the hike though--biking the hills is a killer.

Unknown said...

Now that's what I call community...cheering and encouraging one another along.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love this! She is awesome as are you. Effort is effort! I hope you had a great time. XOXO

Naperville Now said...

Great post! Keep on keepin' on, Mrs. Jenny.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

GO JENNY! AND MR. JENNY! I'm declaring myself part of your official support system...

Anonymous said...

Good for you Jenny!
Comparing against others is always dangerous and irrelevant.
Glad you had a good hike.

Pat Tillett said...

When I see anybody out there riding a bike, running, jogging, hiking, or even walking slowly. I always think good thoughts. If it appears to be hard for them, the more I admire them, because they are out there doing it.
Jenny, I'm glad you are out there doing it! Congrats!

Rita said...

Hey! I envy you guys being physically able to hike. I often can't even walk for more than 10-15 minutes. Kudos to you both! Great for the biker, too, of course...but kudos to you guys! :)

Beth said...

Hiking is awesome! Continue to have fun hiking with Mr. Jenny.

Betty said...

I think people often quit because they think they're supposed to jump right in and do what everyone else is doing, but it doesn't work that way. You have to work up to it. I've started walking again, but I'm taking it slow. I only walked 1 1/2 miles today. I used to walk three and four miles a day, but that was then and this is now.

I'm also used to perfectly flat land. I can't imagine hiking up hill. That's a lot harder.

Susan Anderson said...


It's all good, right?