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Story-Time Tuesday Chapter 12B and 13

If you missed TALES FROM HOME - Chapter 12A, just click here to read it.
Jenny Matlock

TALES FROM HOME - Chapter Twelve B and Thirteen

Are you confused about the 12B? Sorry! When I started writing 13 I realized I had more to say after the houses little moment...so this is just a continuation of that chapter!

Julia had taken down the tattered red and white checkered curtain above the sink and now the very last of the golden sunlight shone through the sparkling clean kitchen window.

She reached for a bar of soap under the newly tidied sink and told her sisters to wash their hands.

Julia pretended not to notice their eye rolling as she busied herself taking out clean plates and blue speckled metal mugs.

The two younger sisters checked on the baby chipmunks. The mother must have gone out searching for food since there was no irritated chattering, so they crouched in front of the cupboard. Four inquisitive blue eyes stared into ten shiny, black eyes for a long moment. Then they closed the cupboard door carefully so they didn’t startle their furry little friends.

Riley climbed up on a chair and filled each of the blue speckled metal mugs to the brim with sweet, fresh water from the pump.

Morgan carefully carried the little stack of plates over to the newly scrubbed white metal table.

The girls each took a seat on a red kitchen chair. In the clean little kitchen inside the happy little house, the girls joined their hands and said a blessing.

And then together they feasted on fresh spring peas, asparagus and the last of the apples from Julia’s backpack.

Chapter 13

After the dishes were rinsed and dried, the three little girls decided to explore the little living room. The golden light that had made the kitchen glow tried hard to work its way through the grime on the large front window.

Julia sent Riley to the kitchen for a pile of rags and bucket of water with a little white vinegar in it. With six busy little hands scrubbing and polishing, the window was sparkling clean in no time at all. It was fun to stand on the weathered and worn front porch and watch the living room emerge like a picture as the outside grime melted away.

When the sheets covering the living room furniture were pulled away, small clouds of dust caused the girls to cough and sputter; yet nothing could dim the excitement of each new discovery.

The room got darker along with the sky, so Julia lit the lantern and placed it high up on the mantel of the gray stone fireplace. The old fashioned, dark green couch elicited giggles from all the girls when a cloud of dust rose up as they sat on it! Two tall backed reading chairs caused a small argument over who go to sit in them first. In the lantern light, the yellow and pink roses on the chairs looked soft and beautiful…like a garden at twilight. A low bookcase between the chairs held stacks of books. Riley spotted a children’s book of poetry and clapped her hands in delight. Morgan saw picture books with dull, golden spines and jumped up and down with glee. Julia noticed cookbooks and history books and story books and gave a sigh of contentment.

This happy little house was starting to feel like a home to the girls.

It took little imagination to envision the yard outside the big front window drifted with sparkling snow, a fire crackling in the fireplace, a stack of books and a little huddle of sisters keeping you company.

The girls worked for a while longer dusting the furniture with damp rags and taking cushions into the firefly filled evening air to pound their dusty surfaces against the porch posts.

Riley began taking the books off the shelves to dust them and gave a loud yawn.
A small table with drawers beside the green couch caught Morgan’s eye, and she started to pull the drawers out. Instead of exploring the contents, though, she wilted onto the floor, wiping her drooping eyes with little fists. “Julia, Riley, I’m tired,” she said, in a soft, low-pitched voice.

Gathering the exhausted little girl into her thin, freckled arms, Julia said, “C’mon, Morgan, I’ll carry you up to bed.”

Riley carefully carried the glowing lantern and the little procession of tired out girls went up the stairs and climbed into bed. Within moments of the sleepily mumbled “amen” at the end of their little prayer, the room was filled with the steady, even breathing of sleeping children.

No night’s sleep can be more peaceful than that following a busy day spent accomplishing wonderful things.

And there is no more peaceful sight than that of small children in slumber: little fists curl up under eyelash shadowed cheeks; sweet rosebud lips open just a bit with each exhaled breath; the boneless, curve of sturdy, small bodies curled together in comfort.

As the night sky deepened into diamond studded black velvet, the happy little house watched over the peacefully sleeping angels.

To be continued on Tuesday, July 20.

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People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

You know, when the story is finally over, I'm going to stay in the little house with the girls...

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I can't wait to see what the new day will bring for the girls.

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Julie Kwiatkowski Schuler said...

If I found a cozy house full of books, I would never leave.

Tina said...

I love how they are discovering the house bit by bit. And I know I'm slow in noticing this, but aren't their names the names of your beloved granddaughters?

Unknown said...

if the house hadnt got my attention, the books would've.......such a sweet story and it just gets better and better

Marlene said...

I suck in every word! (And you see, this is why I am not a writer....I use words like "suck").

Susan Anderson said...

Such a charming story, Jenny...makes for a rather lovely Tuesday each week!


Mimi said...

Hi Jenny!!
I have not followed the book, so I think I am lost!!
I must get a clue what the book is???
How are you doing this summer???
hot here, hot there!
we all just get through it don't we!!
I have my lovely daughter #2 coming inot town tomorrow, so I am on cloud 9 today!!!

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Gonna start bringing an overnight bag with some jammies and a toothbrush. I'll share my cookies if I can have an apple...g'night!

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Getting a late start on reading today. Needed to stop in, so you could cheer me up. Thanks!

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Lovely, Jennie...mid grade?

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The Happy Little House just makes me.....happy! I am so glad the girls and the house discovered each other!! ;)

Terra said...

a sound nights sleep, feeling safe and accomplished. Oh what a wonderful picture painted of this moment.

Lourie said...

I totally am seeing this in a Disney cartoon now. Haha.

Linda Medrano said...

That phrase "fire fly filled evening air" just gave me goose bumps. I swear Jenny, I could see it and feel it. This is wonderful beyond words. I'm in love with the house and the girls!

aimee said...

cant wait to read what happens next!

Lisa said...

Lovely story! I had to catch up for a few weeks but well worth it!
Hugs, Lisa

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

Just catching up on chapters I missed...lovely! You're conjuring up wonderful memories of 'playing house' as a little girl for me:)