Monday, December 12, 2011

Grief on the shallow side of the spectrum

I am in mourning.

I'm not wearing all black, although come to think of it I probably should. I've heard that it's very slimming.

I'm in mourning in a non-all-black-wearing kind of way.

It's my Le Creuset dutch oven, LC.

My Father killed it.

I'm trying to get over it.

I know that forgiveness is divine...

I know that he's not really a murderer.

But you don't understand.

It's the lime green dutch oven that has not been moved from my stove top in the past 9 years!

It has graced the top of my stove since Mr. Jenny gave it to me one extravagant Christmas.

I used that pan at least four times a week for all those years.

What is that? Something like (ummm... 4 times 52 times 9 carry the one... ummm...) 1,800 and something?

But now LC is gone.

I've tried everything to revive it.

Done all the fix-alls from google.

Called the manufacturer.

But LC is gone. Just gone.



It happened last week at the epic garage sale.

I was being all organized so I sliced some leftover roast into my dutch oven. I smothered it in barbecue sauce, turned my burner to the lowest setting and left it to simmer so the 'work crew' could have sandwiches for lunch.

Whenever I went inside I would swoon over the delicious smell and give it a quick stir.

At 10:24 am I was sitting by my Mom and sister in a garage filled with shoppers. I kept smelling something burning.

I had been in the house about 20 minutes earlier and stirred the pot then.

I told myself I would add up the pile of stuff in front of me and then go in and check when my Dad said, "Oh, by the way, I turned that pan way down so it wouldn't burn."

It took me a full millisecond before what he said registered. I jumped up, startled everyone in the garage by screaming,"Get out of my way!", and ran into my smoke filled kitchen.

My dutch oven was glowing red over the molten lava of the burner, heat shimmered over the pan.

I grabbed a dish towel and yanked my beloved LC off the burner.

I resisted calling 911 to come and try to resuscitate my lime green beauty.

My Dad came into the house and said, "Oh no! What happened? Why's there all this smoke in here?"

I told him he had turned the burner all the way up instead of turning it all the way down.

He looked mortified.

So, I lied.

I told him it was no big deal. He's old. And I love him. And I knew it would be wrong to hit him over the head with the pan lid.


That would have been wrong.


He said, "Oh no! I'm sorry!"

And I said, "It's okay. It's just a pan."

I lied.

I miss LC!

But after one week of trying to save it, it's time to admit it's really gone. (This not a picture of LC. To share that would be too painful, but this is pretty much how LC looked after the mishap.)

Time of death...7:14 pm.

Teary eyed, I started looking for a replacement about 7:15 pm.

The color is discontinued.

Who spends that much for a pan anyway?

It's just a pan.

But darn.

It's only been a week and I am already in withdrawal.

And no other pans come close to the bond between me and my lime green Le Creuset. No other pan has ever created the degree of deliciousness achieved in the harmonious relationship LC and I had. It went beyond woman and enameled cast iron. Way beyond!



I know that time will heal this wound...

And I know there's a lot worse problems in the world...

And I know that a lot of people don't even have anything to cook in a pan...much less a Le Creuset dutch oven.

...but darn.

darn, darn, darn.

Could you still observe a moment of silence for the death of my dutch oven?

It's been really hard saying goodbye.



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Wanda..... said...

Sorry for the loss of your loyal pan, Jenny. I hope you gave it a proper disposal or will you tuck it away in the attic, hoping someday for a miracle.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Maybe Santa will prevail.
He can surprise you like that.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Well.....this may make you feel a little better. Go here:

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I totally understand how you feel. Having a Mr. Sister and 2 little Sisters way too many things, that I treasured, have succumbed a similar end. There is still a little catch in my breath every time I think of the Robin Hopper chalice I received after meeting "the man" himself (very famous in pottery circles) only to find it in shards when it was knocked off its resting place by some unknown perpetrator.

Time will lessen the pain. Take the time to grieve. We're here for you. Keep saying "it's just a pan" and maybe, someday, you'll trick yourself into believing it!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Here's another green one that's round. Hike up your bra straps....all is not lost. LOL

Unknown said...

I am so sorry for your loss! It really looks like it did a wonderful job!

BECKY said...

I was going to suggest e-bay, too!

Karena said...

Oh Jenny I understand because this was not just an ornamental item you used it constantly!! maybe everyone who loves you would contribute a bit for a new on!!

In the meantime, please come.....More amazing giveaways to enter in My 12 days of Holidays Event!!


Art by Karena

Pat said...

As I was scrolling down to enter my comment, saw the references to a possible solution to the demise of your favorite cooking vessel. Now that is what blogging and friendship is all about - what a thoughtful reader!!
Hoping you will soon have another lime green beauty gracing your stove top.

Judie said...

This happened to my grandmother's pressure cooker that I inherited when she died. Someone, who shall remain nameless, ignored me when I asked to please turn off the burner. The same person also yelled that there was smoke in the kitched while I was in the bathroom.

I took a grinder to it after trying all the other suggestions. It helps to have power tools. I managed to grind off all the black stuff, but it was never the same after that.

Sorry for your loss, Jenny. I know it is traumatic!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, I would have been grief stricken as well.
I hope you can find another one...ebay,

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Good luck finding a replacement! I've never really cooked with a dutch oven - My Mom had one but she only used it to cook rice :P

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I so feel your pain!

I have a red one that if something happened to it, I'm not sure I could go on....

BTW, they make a really cool purple one now, and Christmas is coming!

just sayin....

Jo said...

awwwe, I know you are suffering ... but your poor Dad ... It must be so hard to be getting on in years and doing something wrong ... I feel for him ... and of course LC

"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

I am so sorry for your loss Miss Jenny :(....but I do have one suggestion. After scraping all the burnt bit out of the bottom, add water, put it back on the stove and boil the water for a few minutes and see what happens. Also I would try using the cleaner they use for Corelle, that might get off what's left. It might be resusitated yet!

Susan Anderson said...

Sorry, sorry, sorry. And I do get it. The memories, right?


Now you'll have to find a new one and make some new memories...


Ames said...

Oh you poor thing. Will there be a memorial service? Backyard burial?? I know what that attachment means to you. My hubs ruined a regular green LC stock pot. Killed it deader than dead. Maybe your sweetie, Mr. Jenny, will buy you new LC dutch oven for Christmas. Just not the lime green one. :( Did you check eBay?~Ames

Dreaming said...

Yeah... I've tried killing some pans myself.
Did you try putting just a bit of water in it and then adding dishwasher soap liberally? That has resuscitated a few of mine... well, there were still a few black marks, but those provided a little extra flavor ;-)

Neabear said...

I am saddened to hear of your loss. I noticed that several others offer suggestions. I hope one of those comes through for you.


anitamombanita said...

so sad...I'd be heartbroken too...and then I'd get on-line and search...

Good luck!

siggiofmaine said...

Sorry to hear your favorite pan has bit the dust...or literally burnt to a crisp. Been condolences and hoping one of the suggestions of how to find another to continue with the memories will help.
Siggi in Downeast Maine

H said...

Sadness. I hope the link that someone has posted up there ^ leads you to another pan.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Oh darlin'...I'm so very sorry for your loss.

I was gonna suggest Ebay or Craigs list but I see Val has already saved the day.

Go for it girl...ya need to replace that LC immediately. Just wish yourself a Merry Christmas!

God bless and keep Daddy outta the kitchen! Heeehehehe! :o)

jenn said...

my first thought, before i got to the part where you'd written that it'd been discontinued ... my first thought when you'd said it'd died and then showed the picture ... it was OH NO! they don't make that color anymore!!!

and i googled it, and i couldn't find it, and then i came back to finish your post, and sure enough ... they don't make that color anymore.

so sorry.

if it's any consolation at all, i'd managed to find an old school fisher price's little people school house last year for the wonder twins. i snatched that sucker up with much haste. it stayed in our antique ice box (the one the monk restored and my great aunt painted for ME, much to my brother's chagrin), and was pulled out nearly every time the twinkies visited.

until lately. and i'd thought it was because they didn't want to play with it because there was all this new stuff. but no. it's just not there.

so twice, TWICE my mother has given away MY little people. TWICE. and they sure as s*** don't make'm like they used to.

Pat Tillett said...

Now that is truly a tragedy! I feel your pain. I've had a pretty LC set (including that awesome dutch oven) since 1973. Mine is the yellowish color (at least it used to be). Somebody told me that people collect the older stuff and I should check out ebay. I've had these things for so long, they are like part of the family. Maybe the only non-dysfunctional members of the family also...

Willoughby said...

Oh, Jenny! I'm so sorry for your loss! I haven't been online much, lately, so I hadn't heard about your beloved pan. You must miss it terribly.

A few years ago I dropped a heavy glass salt shaker on my favorite depression glass vegetable serving bowl. The shaker, which could have easily been replaced, was undamaged. The antique bowl that had belonged to my grandmother and was irreplaceable, shattered. I'm still sick about it.

Mommyof 4 said...

I just read what you posted but i wanted to let you know i just bought that same dutch oven at Marshalls so i was very suprised you said they were gone i love it and am about to go get another it was marshalls in Philadelphia , PA franklin mills mall they have a couple red, and green and an orange color one is really big rest are larger size

Mommyof 4 said...

I just read what you posted but i wanted to let you know i just bought that same dutch oven at Marshalls so i was very suprised you said they were gone i love it and am about to go get another it was marshalls in Philadelphia , PA franklin mills mall they have a couple red, and green and an orange color one is really big rest are larger size