Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hoarders and hugs...


I'm doing something different for Christmas next year!

Maybe like becoming a volunteer for a medically induced coma experiment or something.

Monday I spent almost the entire day on the couch pretending that I was actually in that coma experiment thing. I watched Hoarders all day. Sad to say, I didn't feel fulfilled or enriched from the experience.

I was, however, able to say continuously to Mr. Jenny, "See!!!!???? SEEEEEE!!!! You think I have too much stuff? Seriously?" That part of the day was slightly more rewarding for me.


Today, I needed to rouse myself from my stupor to babysit the Grandlittles at their house.

We crafted, looked at Christmas presents, hugged and kissed, roller skated, ate and hugged and kissed some more.

At the end of the day I asked our little Mo if she had gotten enough hugs and kisses.

She tipped her head and looked at me.

"No Grandma! I still need more!"

So I squished her and squashed her and made her giggle.

And then when I was leaving, she ran up to me.

"Grandma, I forgot to ask. Did YOU get enough hugs and kisses from me?"



Sweet, sweet blessings.

And so much better than a Hoarder marathon!

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Monica said...

Funny that you mentioned Hoarders! I was thinking about it all Christmas day. Our house was a MESS with wrapping paper and Christmas presents. I told Mike we should continue this all week and by the end maybe we could be ON Hoarders...Taylor said, "No NO!" and got up and spent the rest of the day and most of yesterday cleaning & sorting her room. She even gave clothes away to her sisters!

I LOVE the hug story - they are such sweet girls.

vivian said...

I know!! youre a hug and kiss hoarder!! lol
getting my new baby tomorrow!
have a great week!

The Poet said...

Hello Jenny. Happy Holidays!
If our house looked like that, I think my wife would have a serious meltdown....might even be grounds for divorce (lol)! She is a total neat freak. I've learned from experience that things that have a home of their own, but miraculously end up on the floor will have an untimely death via the trash!

You have such a wonderful relationship with your grandchildren. Each hug, each kiss is a precious moment stored up not only in your heart, but theirs too.

Lovely post, Jenny.
See you next year for Alphabe-Thursday! (smile)

Amy said...

Oh Jenny, I know the feeling. I slept most of the day yesterday. I was just wiped out completely! AND..I am beginning to feel like a hoarder, but when I watch that show I always feel better about myself!!! HA! Love hugging those babes!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Jenny I haven't moved much for two days...sigh! I have read two books and that was very refreshing! I do like to watch Hoarders once in awhile to remind myself not to collect Everything! Still getting hugs and kisses from Grand Littles is much more fun. I will get some this weekend myself!

Susan Anderson said...

Haven't said good-bye to all of our company yet, but once they leave you can bet I will be resting for at least two days straight! I am pretty exhausted.

You're right. The best thing is hugging grandkids. No doubt!


Susan said...

I love that show. Makes me want to clean and get rid of clutter.
Best wishes in 2012.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Sweet, sweet blessings is right. I have one little 22 month old that is in the 'no' mode right now and won't hug or kiss too much. Darn, he doesn't know what he's missing out on! lol! Yes, I tell my hubby that same thing about hoarders. One day I brought some old thing home and he said, "Jann, your turning into a hoarder." I smiled and said, "hardly, I don't have pathways yet. Hee-hee!

Anonymous said...

The grands and those sweet hugs top everything!! Hugs

Jo said...

oh my gosh Jenny, that is just the sweetest story ever!!!

Melinda said...

I just can't watch the show,it makes me nervous.
Hugs and kisses are MUCH better than watching Hoaders.


Theresa said...

Oh us Grandmas NEVER get enough HUGS:) How sweet!

Hoarders, I love to watch that show! My Sister and I were just talking about it today when she visited with me! I think that when I watch that show, I feel better about my STUFF:) Have a blessed week dear Jenny, HUGS:)

anitamombanita said...

Ahh...if only we could hoard the hugs!

Stef said...

Phew! I thought that picture really was your kitchen. I was getting a little worried...although an afternoon grocery shopping looks a little like that at my house.
Merry Christmas my friend...a little late....or really early...depends on how you look at it.

Dixie said...

yes grandbaby hugs are much better than hoarders... however... there is some special reward one feels when you know that there are hoarders much worse than you out there... ;)

Flat Creek Farm said...

You are so blessed! And I hope you had a blessed Christmas! I loved the coma/hoarders portion also.. ohhhh, for just one day like that :) Actually, today was a little bit like that, I confess! Happiest of New Years, Jenny!!

Amy said...

This year was a dozy, wasn't it? But what a beautiful remedy for recovery! And I am glad my house isn't the only one that looked like that!

Pat said...

Always enjoy reading your grandlittle stories...your little Mo sounds like a very aware young lady...thinking of you and checking to see if you had gotten enough hugs...sweet!

Ms. A said...

Since I am a hoarder, it always makes me feel a little bit better to say thank goodness I'm not THAT bad.

I can never get enough hugs and kisses from my grandkids, especially the older ones. Plus, they're faster than I am and know I will wear out eventually, if they run long enough. I can still catch the younger ones!

Evalinn said...

Aw, that´s sweet! :-)

Fresh Local and Best said...

I am often breathless and overwhelmed after watching those shows. They do make the rest of us looks so neat and tidy don't they? :)

Terra said...

that show can be creepy when you really think about it. Glad I don't have that disease! And all those hugs, Couldn't live without them!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Hugs, kisses, squishes and squashes. Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! Those are the things blessings are made of.