Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Name that baby Giveaway!


I know it's Christmas.

And you're busy.

And I'm busy.

But I'm frustrated.

I'm trying to come up with the perfect baby name for our Grandson-on-the-way.

You're going to find it hard to believe, but the kids have totally rejected the idea of naming the baby after me...even though it is due on, or very close to, my birthday. They think it would be wrong to name a little boy any variation of Jenny or Rose. Geez. Some people.

I'm gonna be honest here. I'm just running out of ideas.

I looked briefly for inspiration in my pantry and strangely neither of the parents-to-be thought the name Wheat Chex or Creamed Corn would work.

So I thought I'd ask you.

You people are smart.

And resourceful.

And clever.

And you might have more original pantries than I do...

But be warned...they don't really like the name Jet Puffed either.


There is going to be a grand prize and a runner up prize.

I will be awarding two boxes of lemons, picked fresh from the lemon tree in my front yard.

First prize will be a large flat rate box filled to the brim with puckery yellow beauties.

Runner up will receive a medium flat rate box filled to the brim...blah, blah, blah!

Not sure how the lemons tie into the whole 'naming a baby' thing...but...I have a complex and intricate mind...

Do, too!

Yes, huh!



Whaddya got?

They like creative. Their last name is Allen and they're finding it a little tricky to put a first name with a last name that sounds like a first name...

And, oddly enough, they didn't like the name Alan Allen.

I tell ya.

Some people are just totally picky.

I'll announce the winner of the giveway on Tuesday, December 27th. Winner will be notified by e-mail and I'll send your lemons out as soon as I receive your address.

I'll let the parents-to-be pick their favorite name from your suggestions...

And, yes.

I know it's Christmas.

And you're busy.

But this will give your brain a break from trying to think of something to buy Aunt Mildred. After all, she never likes anything you get her anyway, right?

Sadly...I can only ship lemons to the continental US. Other countries frown on me trying to import fruit.

And I never, ever try to tick off other countries.

Because I'm kinda/sorta chicken about stuff like that.




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Sharon said...

Okay...I've been mulling this over since you asked's a thought.
Rowan Jenner Allen! Huh! Well?
I would have said Jenner Rowan Allen but it sounds too much like a farm tractor...

Sharon said...

Or this one...
Or Renny Allen?
I like that one.
Hey, it beats cereal names.

Okay, I think that's it.

LuLu Kellogg said...

Jagger Allen (a la Mick....AND starts with a J for Jenny!!)

Merry Merry, Fa la la and all that rot!


Theresa said...

Well, my grandson (born in June) was named Maverick:) So, perhaps that would be a good one! I'll be thinking of names while being busy around the house and come back! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Unknown said...

Gotta love Joseph Daniel!

Terra said...

I have been signing lots of books lately and seen many names...the ones that stuck in my memory were

Hendrick and Caden

I'm just sayin...if I remember them they gotta be good...because I am stinky with names!

PS - Jet Puffed may not work but what about Jett?

Anonymous said...

I love the name Parker.

So funny about the lemons as I was just wondering about them and if they are ripe yet in AZ. Going there for Christmas and I love to pick up citrus when we are down there but it is usually in mid January when we go down.

Have you ever made Candied lemon Peels with your lemons? It is fantastic though it is a little time consuming. I have a recipe over at my blog if you would like to try them.

bee blessed

Naperville Now said...

Barbara, of course, is the first name that came to me. Great song. But then, realizing we are talking boy baby, Christopher.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

OK...Ya'll step back a bit 'cause I think I've got it here....


Are ya ready???

Tim Toolman

Don't ya just love it???


God bless and good luck, I would love a 'sour' face box of lemons! 'Just sayin'.....

Ya'll have a wonderful day and I'll try to get my head outta the 'silly' clouds! :o)

Unknown said... pantry is kinda bare. Thanks for making me look. I see a trip to the grocery store in my future. Anyway, what I did see was a jar of Nutella. How about Nut for short. That's like kind of sort of being named after you...afterall, there's no one "nuttier" than our dear sweet Jenny! Love and hugs and wishes for the merriest of Christmases!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

The suggestions so far are great, but Nut won me over... :) I guess staying the the 'J' theme I would go with James/Jimmy/Jim as he gets older...I like it but hey it's their kid! hugs, Linda

Pondside said...

The Great Dane suggested Ole Allen but that's just a little to much alliteration for me.
I like traditional names - how about;
Graeme Allen
Carl Allen
Charles Allen (who doesn't love a Charlie?)
William Allen
Thomas Jefferson Allen (for patriots)

I know I have a winner there, but if I win , just go ahead and give the lemons to the runner up - we don't want to cause a border incident!

Kim Lehnhoff said...

If it's the last child, would they consider calling it Quits?

Along These Lines ... said...

How bout baby Obamy?


Ames said...

This is real shot in the dark but how about Tristen Allen.~Ames

Madge said...

I got nuthin..... yet.
Our friends' daughter named her first son Johnny Danger, when the second one came she didn't have a name, they wouldn't let her out of the hospital without naming the poor thing so she picked Clyde Danger. Their third son is Jackal, I'm not sure what his middle name is, I'm just pretty sure it's not Danger.

Dazee Dreamer said...

I kind of like the name Wesley Allen.

Crossing my fingers.

Barbara F. said...

This is a fun giveaway. How about Jerome, an old fashioned, strong name. Its translation is "sacred name"- Jerome Matthew (translation for Matthew is "a gift from God"). All babies are gifts from above. Merry Christmas Jenny. xo

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

How about Jackson Robert Allen -- your initials and three last names!

Judie said...

Shucks! I thought that if we named it, we got to keep it!! But lemons are good. Maybe they should have a family name, like Edgar! Or how about Atlas? I always liked that name! Prince William? No? Demetrius?

I've always really loved the name Joel, for real. How about Stephen Joel? Or Joel Stephen? I picked my younger grandson's name. David.

Maybe I should quit while I'm ahead.

Unknown said...

I like Jensen, there still is a little Jenny in there that way & it sounds good with Allen:-)I like Jameson also, a friend has a little boy by that name. I like the name Ethan however with Allen I'm not sure that so good.... lol.

I also like Zaan(Zane), simple and not used a lot so more original... also sounds good with Allen:-) Xander I've always liked too.

Ansel Allen?? Emmit Allen?

Ok, that's all I got... those lemons look delish by the way are they pictures of yours for real cause they look fabulous?!?!

anitamombanita said...

Well, let’s see… there’s Tim- maybe he’ll be handy around the house, but if not, he’ll be funny for sure. Then there’s Woody, but he’ll probably turn out to be neurotic. There’s Irwin, but his life might be just one disaster after another. You could try Paul, but people might forever be asking him to invent something better than a PC. Maybe Ethan, but he could end up a couch potato.

I love the name game, and my record for naming boys so far has been pretty good… 2 for 3, in our family of grandbabies. I’d stay away from “A” names, since you don’t want him teased about anything to do with AA. Carson’s a nice name, has a good ring with Allen, but might be way overused right now. Cory is nice…means God’s peace. Jace…means healer.

Ok, that's all I can brain's going into a spin! Have fun!

Monica said...

I like the name Layne (or Lane). It goes GREAT with Allen....It's my middle name and Allen is my maiden name!

Betty said...

I always wanted to use the name Derrick for a boy, but my husband didn't. I think Derrick Allen would work well.

Our last name is Martin and Reid is often called Mr. Reid instead of Mr. Martin. He's just learned to answer to both.

I had a boss once and her last name was Hill. She named her son Bunker. My father had a customer and his first name was Doctor. Now why do people do that to their kids? I always liked the name Dean, but for obvious reasons we couldn't use it.

Anita said...


Ms. A said...

I don't have a clue for a baby name, but I'm sure someone will come up with something wonderful!

To the Toy Box and Beyond said...

when I was reading this my first thought was Jenner because its similiar to your name but then I saw the first commentor choose that. So how about Gunner? or Jensen I also like Jack

Skoots1moM said...

Aubry is a neat A name that sounds good with Allen ;)

Annesphamily said...

Jackson is a great name! It sounds so All American!

It is not in the pantry sounds wonderful!

There is Jaibur. It's origin is Australian and it means "Stork".! Hee Hee

Jumaane that is Swahali for "born on Tuesday"

Jumah is also Swahali and it means "born on Friday".'

There are lots of beautiful "J" names too!

Gattina said...

My grandson's name is Toby. It was a big secret between the parents until his birth !

~✽Mumsy✽~ said...

I have always like Victor, and Vincent. Victor Allen, Vincent Allen sounds mighty fine to me :-)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Benjamin ....masculine name. Even shortened Ben is a strong manly name and its not new age-y like Apple, kumquat or any such 21st century. :-)

Esther Joy said...

Not sure where this popped in my head, but James Rawlings came to mind by taking the J from Jenny and the R from Rose.

My husband says "Gene Ross" would be good!

I did a post about baby names and their meanings once on my Joy4Today blog - was the link I posted on that if you're interested in checking out meanings.

Anonymous said...

Sean Allen
John Allen
Jason Allen
Todd Allen
David Allen

I like Sean Allen. #Just Saying

Nonna said...

Talon Cromwell Allen...has a nice lyrical sound to it !

Phyllis Ryan said...

My Son is David middle name Allen
and his Son in Lucas middle name Allen.

Busy Bee Suz said...

James? (Jimmy)

There are so many good ones to pick from. :)
Best of luck!!

Anonymous said...

We have two rules when it comes to selecting a child's name:

1) Put "President" in front of it (as in President of the United States) to ensure the name is suited for an adult.

2) Be careful what the initials spell

That said, my suggestion is:

Benjamin Lawrence Allen

Katrina said...

I like Ryker or Lincoln!

Unknown said...

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