Friday, March 9, 2012

I am a disabled person...

...and it's not funny.

I miss my washing machine.

I miss my stove.

And please...don't even get me started on microwaves.


How do you put softener in a regular washing machine?

I hear the spin cycle start and run across the kitchen to find I've missed the rinse again. Arrrrgggghhh! Yes, I know they make dryer sheets but I have about 10 bottles of softener I need to use up.

How do flat, glass stove tops even work? My pans bubble over and it smells horrible and makes a big mess all over the black top. Geez.

And every time I hit a number on this microwave it goes berserk and starts doing something 'auto'...I can't figure out how to put 10 seconds on it.



Disabled I tell ya.

I wonder if there's a tax exemption for this...

And if my old washing machine, stove and/or microwave happens to be reading this post...



So much.




PS. On the plus side I actually have a kitchen again so that's a plus!

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Judie said...

Disabled? Yeah, sister, that is us!! I leave it to Rod to figure all that stuff out, and all it takes is a promise of things to come. Of course, I don't say when!!!


Cheryl said...

They make balls to put softener into. fabric softner ball

There have got to be instructions online for both the oven and the microwave. Videos too!

Please shoot your addy my way?

Cheryl said...

Oh, you can buy those balls in stores much faster than online. Usually in the laundry supply aisle. Good luck, Mizz Jenny.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

The softener- they used to make a little ball that you would pour the softener in and it would release at the correct time, otherwise, don't you have a dispenser maybe in the center of the aggitator that you pour in the softener along with some water?

The microwave: sometimes there is a special Timed Cooking button you have to hit and then enter the time or else it just goes for as many minutes as the number you hit.

The stove- electric now? You'll get used to it but you have to remember it stays hot even if you turn off the heat.

You could look up the user manual on line?

Good luck.

vivian said...

If it makes you feel better, I cant even watch a movie when no ones home because I dont know how to the the DVD player and the Cable to work together! I have a hard time even turning the station sometimes!
hang in there Jenny!

Ms. A said...

You'll get the hang of it, just give it another week!

Jo said...

Set an alarm to go off 5 minutes before the spin cycle ... that should give you plenty of time to get to it ... i use the alarm on my phone ...
Use less heat on the glass surface stove top,
and finally, google your make and model of microwave, there should be some kind of online manual or trouble shoot site somewhere out there in the great www ...
now, fix yourself a nice cuppa tea and relax ... this can all be done later ... much later ... hugs!

Vicki/Jake said...

cha cha cha Changes :) Life's full of 'em. And we adapt.... xoxox

Leovi said...

You're living the revolt of the appliances, I advise calm and aspirin for a headache. Greetings.

Jules said...

I have a lovely bit that has got me through a lot over the last ten months and I saved it to Pinterest.....SHE STOOD IN THE STORM AND WHEN THE WIND DID NOT BLOW HER WAY,SHE ADJUSTED THE SAILS....time to start adjusting the sails Jenny!!!!!
Julienne xx

Wanda..... said...

I was so disgruntled awhile back at having to get use to new appliances...a creature of habit...all the buttons were in the wrong place for me and too little to read! But now I love them, I guess you will too, Jenny...especially the glass top stove!

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” -Marilyn Monroe

Pondside said...

Big sympathy from one who never learned to operate the VCR and may never learn to do the whole PVR thing.

Carol said...

The balls are available at Walmart for like $3. The glass stove top takes some getting use to, IMO, if you are used to cooking everything on a 7 setting...kick it down some. You'll need special cleaner of the top...Walmart again! As for the micro...I hate that good luck! Sending you a hug! Change is so hard! Love ya!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Jenny after almost 3 years in my 'new' home I've learned how to operate my flat top stove (but still bubble things over it gets that hot) and can now work my microwave to heat up stuff...oh and I use dryer sheets. It will come....hugs to you! I too need your address when you have a moment! Hugs, Linda

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Ahhhh, I see you've entered a new frontier! You'll get there Miss Jenny...I have faith in ya!

Have a blessed and beautiful weekend sweetie!!! :o)

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Vivian- I can't watch a DVD either if I'm alone, or if I do I have to watch DVDs all day long until my husband comes home and shows me how to turn the TV back on. How many remotes does one system have to have? With all the technology out there today why can't I just say: Play a move or Watch TV and it will do that!

Unknown said...

Two words Downey usually can fine them where they sell the liquid Downey in the grocery stores....I can feel your frustration all the way at my house! lol Love ya! Sandy

H said...

Over here, when people move house, they generally take their washing machine and microwave with them. Is it different in the States?

I hate changing stuff I use regularly, Even 'new' stuff is a pain until I'm used to it. Hope you get used to this stuff soon.

Meanwhile, the washing machine answer seems to be 'balls' :)

Ames said...

Dear Jenny, Here is a recipe for Fabreeze: 1/4 c liquid fabric softner, 2 c of warm water, 1 tsp baking soda. There! Now go by some dryer sheets. You can use all that fabric softner to make all the Fabreeze you want.

Clean your stove top immediately or it will cook on there and it be hard to get the dark spot off. I use a cleaner that is similar to liquid Commet, you can find in in the grocery store of Home Depot or Lowes but don't scrub it with an abrasive scrubber.

You poor thing. I think if I was there I'd sit down and have a good cry with you. I can't imagine going from what I have now to trying to use someone elses stuff.

When we left our last house that we lived in 18 years I cried for 3 months. But change is good right? You'll get used to it. Chin up sister!~Ames

Susan Anderson said...

I hate adjusting to new appliances, especially WORSE ones!

As for the stove, I have that kind and have learned that a razor blade is my friend. I have also learned not to spill. (sort of)



Busy Bee Suz said...

I have no idea how to use a regular washer....nor do I want to!
You'll get used to the flat top cook top....and invest in some good cleaner for it, you'll need it.
Microwaves are so need a freakin' degree to use them anymore.
Best of luck on that tax exemption Jenny!!!

Splendid Little Stars said...

I can relate. One wants all that "simple" basic stuff to work with no need to think.
Here's an idea my son gave me that I use all the time. You might wish to try it. I take a (dedicated) wash cloth and pour a little bit of liquid fabric softener on it. Toss into the dryer, and voila, my own reusable dryer sheet! I don't even have to add more softener for every load.