Friday, October 12, 2012

I guess all those math teachers were right...

'Blah, blah, blah," they said all those years ago.  "You'll always need math.  Math is a skill...blah, blah, blah."
Learning math was never quite as fun as doodling or English or Art class.
But that was a long time ago.  And here's how math works at our house NOW!
"Make your fingers into counters," I tell Mr. Jenny.
"Hmmmm..." I say, "Me.  You." 
Mr. Jenny ticks up two fingers.
"Greg.  Meg."
Two more fingers.
"Big Grandlittles!"
Three more fingers.
"Jim.   Steff."
Two more fingers.
"Little Grandlittle! QUINN!" I shout!
Another finger raised.  Accompanied by a look of annoyance.  "I'm right here, Jenny, you don't have to shout."
"Oops, sorry.  I got excited."  I continue.
"Hmmm..." I think.
"Jess and Kevin...and Bud.   Gosh.  Let's see.   Bud would count as one but technically that baby is only ... hmmm... hmmmm...   19/40ths!"
Mr. Jenny smiled at me.   I'm not counting Bud this time because TECHNICALLY he is travelling with Jess. 
8 adults.
4 and 19/40 grandchildren.
All on a beach for three days in an Oregon beach house starting later today.
In a house that can seat 12 for dinner!
I guess math does count!
Because this is definitely one happy equation for me!
See you soon!
PS.   Saturday Centus is already pre-set to run don't worry your pretty little head about it!

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The Quintessential Magpie said...

That sounds like Heaven to me! Have a blast!



Jeanie said...

However you count it, it sounds like it adds up to a wonderful time.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

We did the exact same thing this summer and it was magic! I loved all of us being in one place...

Need to do it again next summer, somehow...

Enjoy Quinn...



Tatiana said...

aww, have fun! family visiting is always great.

on a side note- i love the way you write, it's always so cute :3

Joanne Lendaro said...

it's always fun counting family..have a wonderful time!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Have fun!!!

Carol said...

Enjoy your time with your family!! So happy you get to go!

Lorrie said...

Have a wonderful time!

noexcuses said...

Have a wonderful time with your family, especially all of the grandlittles!

21 Wits said...

Ha! Ha! Have a wonderful time Jenny!

Anonymous said...

Have fun! That sounds like a great time!

Ms. A said...

Lucky you!

I refuse to discuss the math. One of my grands is really struggling right now and it's breaking my heart!

Have fun and take pictures to share with those of us who are less fortunate. LOL!

Unknown said...

where in Oregon....I grew up on the Oregon coast. I am sure it was crazy, crowded, sandy and a whole lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great trip! Have fun.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Oh, how wonderful! We just did that with our family of 10 and 1/4 and had a great time! I know you and yours will too. What a cute post. laurie

Splendid Little Stars said...

See there! Math IS very useful!
Have tons and tons and tons of fun! Oregon is so lovely!

Congratulations on the 19/40 grandchild!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Aw! That bit of math sounds delightful! Enjoy!!!!

Blessings & Aloha!

Debra at HOMESPUN: said...

How many bathrooms

Never needed any stupid algebra in my LIFE and I said that in middle school and was right.

Have fun / sounds wonderful !!! ( as long as there is a second bathroom :)

Susan Anderson said...

Not only is that a happy equation. It's a perfect one.


anitamombanita said...

love it!!