Sunday, October 7, 2012

Owl finally announce the towel giveaway winner...


It's Sunday night!

And I forgot to announce the owl towel giveaway!

I asked Mr. Jenny to pick a number again.

Tonight he had to pick a number between 1 and 33!

He picked number 2!

Number two was this comment:

Um HELLO - these towels have my name all over them cant you see it? I can. Look closer...AHHHH - now you see it. Good. We are on the same page. Can I get a HOOT HOOT?

So what I love about babies right now?

is that my brother and his wife are do in 6 short weeks. YES baby in 6 weeks - Ha ha my wait is almost over!

The most fun has been shopping for this baby - seeing all the new wonderful things they have for babies...


Congratulations Miss Terra.   Can you e-mail me your mailing address please?
jennymatlock at cox (dot) net
Thanks for all the lovely comments!
We are all truly excited!
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Ms. A said...

Congratulations, Terra! Hoot!

Ms. A said...

Wait! Terra Hoot... that's in Indiana, right? Sorry, that just hit me as I typed it and I couldn't resist sharing!

Terra said...

Congrats to "the other Terra". We both love owls and I am sure she will cherish these towels.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Those towels do scream Terra....but still, they would have looked purty in my kitchen. :)

Unknown said...

Those towels are adorable, HOOTIE-HOO!

Rachael West said...

Awe Shucks! Congrats Terra!