Sunday, August 18, 2013


This 100 word micro-fiction is written around the word prompt "Forbidden".  To read other links using the same word, just click here.

The sweet tartness was complex on my tongue.
…big, elegant flavor with a hint of minerals and unctuous fruitiness.
The crisp flamboyance made me take another bite. 
Juicy flesh dribbled down my face and I wiped it away with my grubby hand.
Hidden by the arch of verdant green, I greedily grabbed more.
I was alone.
I gorged until suddenly a cramp seized me tightly around the gut.
Moaning in pain, I fell to the earth.
I glanced at the stones bruising my flesh.
I was naked.
Apple cores littered the dusty ground around me.
When did I get naked?
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Ms. A said...

That must have been SOME FRUIT!

noexcuses said...

Funny... you thought about food, too! Great piece, Miss Jenny!

Rita said...

ROFL! I loved this! :)

21 Wits said...

Ha! Ha! Too funny- and I think your getting "naked" happened in the middle of your apple-grabbing frenzy!

Unknown said...

I could probably do that with green apples if they weren't so tart! That's the thing that stops me.
I do like my bananas more on the green side. When they're overripe, they're just nasty.

Pat Tillett said...

That was darn funny Jenny! I've wondered how I ended up that way myself a few times. Back in the day that is....

When I first saw the photo, I wondered if it was a sin to pluck your eyebrows back then.

Sherry Ellis said...

Great "Eve" piece!

Susan Anderson said...

Ah, the age-old question...


Amy said...

Hahahaha! Love the frankness.