Friday, August 2, 2013

Just an old-fashioned love song...

This twisted little romantic tale is linked to week 171 of Saturday Centus.   The prompt is in bold!

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“Give me that damned mic.”
“It’s not a mic, ma’am.   It is a top secret military…
“I don’t frickin’ care!   Give it to me!   Now!”
“Ma’am.  I cannot let you speak on the top secret military…”
“I don’t care idiot!   I.  Want.  To.   Talk.  To.  My.  Husband.  Right.  Frickin’.  Now.  Do you hear me you imbecile?!  Right.   Frickin’.  Now!”
A tussle followed.
Obviously, he was no match for my rage.
“Tom, you cheating jerk!   Pick up!”
A startled voice crackled over the speakers.
“Jenny?   OMG!   What’s wrong?”
“Ground control to Major Tom.   This isn’t a love story, stupid.  I found her underwear in your glovebox!”
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21 Wits said...

OMG - you are as always a riot! Funny about the word count, I just figured that's what you meant. It didn't phase me a bit as being wrong! Too funny! I just figured it was your way of shaking things up for us!

Pat Tillett said...

I didn't see that coming!
Very funny Jenny.