Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Alphabe-Thursdays Rainbow Summer School

Good morning class! Welcome to week five of our Rainbow Summer School. This week will be focused on: Your link this week can consist of anything that relates to the color VIOLET in any way, shape or form!

VIOLET is the last color of Rainbow Summer School. Next week we will do a surprise color and then resume regularly scheduled Alphabe-Thursday programming.


I did a little surprise drawing from the INDIGO links last week and will be awarding an INDIGO prize to the winner.

True Random Number Generator

Min: 1
Max: 58
Result: 16

Link 16 was this one from 5th Sister.

Congratulations 5th Sister. If you e-mail your address (jennymatlock at cox dot net) I'll get your little indigo prize out right away. Don't get too excited. It's just a little somethin'!


We've been trying to do the five links before and after for visits. How is that working. Are most of you getting at least 10 visits? I want to hear how this is going.

PLEASE try to visit the five links before and after your link and leave a comment. Minimum of 10 links visited please. You can certainly visit more. Just because it's "Summer School" doesn't get you out of this fun homework!

I also want to let you know that each week I visit every blog. I noticed a blog today where my comment didn't show up. If it appears I haven't visited your blog by Tuesday night, please let me know, because it is important to me to make sure you know I've visited you! There were several blogs I could not get onto last week. I'm hoping that problem is straightened out this week.

If you have any difficulties with your link please make sure to include the number of the link when you e-mail me. It is really difficult for me to find them otherwise.

If you have any questions about Alphabe-Thursday or problems doing your link just post it in a comment or send me an e-mail. I'll do my best to help you.

The McLinkey will be live from 1:00 pm MST time Wednesday afternoon in an effort to assist our lovely "friends across the pond" and continue through 10:00 am MST time Friday morning!

And remember.... link back to this post, you need to be registered as a follower of my blog, PG posts only, and try to visit the 5 students before and after your post at minimum. The links will stay live after the final post deadline has passed so you can even wait and visit over the weekend or whenever you have more time.

Class is dismissed. Please feel free to post your Rainbow Summer School link now for the color VIOLET:

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Lola said...

Greetings from this side of the Pond and thanks for such a great meme!

XOXOLola & Nora:)

Cheryl D. said...

Wow! You were early today! I was ready anyway! LOL.

So next week is a surprise color? You mean, I can't write the blog well in advance? Oh no!

myletterstoemily said...

hi jenny!

i love your linking parties! thank you
for entertaining us with such lovely

Susan Anderson said...

Oh boy! A surprise color!!


Unknown said...

Oh wow! I won something? How exciting! Thank you, thank you, thank just made my day!

Betty said...

Will next week's color be black?

It's working for me. I try and visit the blogs before and after mine as you suggest and then with extra time I visit as many others as I can. I enjoy seeing what others come up with, but some weeks I don't have as much time as others.

Cheryl said...
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Cheryl said...

So nice of you to consider the good folks over the big pond. Some of my favorite bloggers come from over yonder.

I love surprises. Can't wait to see what's in store!

fredamans said...

Congrats 5th Sister!

Annesphamily said...

Hi Jenny! Roses are red Violets are blue, I think you are super nice too. Hugs Anne

Annesphamily said...

I keep getting the message that my link here is broken! Any ideas? I am going to try to fix it!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Jenny!

I'm so happy to be able to put soemthing violet in my post to join in today! Can you believe it is September already? Time is flying by...!

♥ Pat

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

RAINBOW COLORS Summer School has been great fun! Thanks so much for hosting this one...what's next?
Rainbow Cheers!

A 2 Z said...

Hi Jenny,

Its been a while. I see you have been busy all summer. All teachers need some time off. I hope you take a few days or a week for yourself. It was great fun to participate this week. I'm back at work teaching as well myself. I love the outfit on your picture. Any idea where I can purchase it. I would wear it during history classes LOL


Unknown said...

Congrats Polly!
Dear Jenny,
Are we doing a last COLOUR next week before we start with 'A'???
Does that means we get to choose or do we have to do something really quick at the drop of a hat?
Best wishes,

Anna's Rainbow Violet

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

Thanks for the platform..
lovely color.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Yikes! or Whew! I just made the extension on your deadline! Seriously, it was 10:00am here and I was hoping that it would go through! I still want to go back and add my slideshow...but yay! Thank you!

Blessings & Aloha!