Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Centus - It was growing bigger...

Jenny Matlock
Welcome to week forty of Saturday Centus.

I'm going to continue to duck your hostility towards shake-up prompts by using another guest writer this week.

Miss Ames from Girl Raised in the South, kindly volunteered this prompt:

"It was growing bigger by the minute..."

Thanks, Ames. This is going to be a fun one to work with!

The usual rules pictures...100 words or less (not including the prompt), PG rated, and try very hard to visit all the links.

Which brings up this...

Two weeks ago I saw several posts that I was the only visitor to.

Please take a moment and stop by these links to say hi. I pride myself on good attendance for people who link so I don't want you guys making me look bad, OK?

Link 32

Link 33

Thanks so much!

You have the entire week to link your work to the meme and you can link more than one story if you like. Please try mightily to visit all the other weeks.

Please display link button or just a hyper-link back to Saturday Centus. Be careful to link your SC URL to the Linky and not just link to your main blog.

Please e-mail me directly with ???'s or ask your question in a comment and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Link anytime between now and next Saturday morning.

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Tracy said...

Hey Jenny,
I've never participated in one of these but I just might have to delve in!

Deborah said...

I've missed a couple of weeks, but glad to be back. Fun as always :o)

Susannah said...

I've not been here for a few weeks either. Glad to be back. :-)

Kat said...

Thanks for pointing these out Jenny. I try to check back throughout the week in case I missed any, but these slipped through the cracks. And they were wonderful. This week's prompt should lead to some interesting stories! Kat

Judie said...

I went back to see what 32 and 33 were, and I noticed that I had not read Keith's. I don't know how I missed it, because I try to read every offering. sorry! I'll try to do better this week!!

Unknown said...

Dear Jenny,

I am sorry that I missed these posts.

I make a point of visiting every SC-participant if not the actual week, one or even two weeks afterward. My offline life is very, very busy right now, so I have had even less time to go around commenting, but I promise that I will visit everyone as soon as I am able.

It is a very good thing that you keep after us about comments, because I sometimes participate in other memes and get very few visits, even if I visit many posts. So you do make a big difference, Jenny. I get more visits and comments to my posts for your memes than when I participate in other memes. It is the 'dog-eat-dog'-attitude about posting first and many get very few comments.
Good work Jenny!
Best wishes & hugs,

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Gonna go check out the links, I'm sure as soon as you turned on the charm the comments piled sky high girl!

I just wanted to tell ya to have an amazin' weekend sweetie! We're here just tryin' to dig out but one winter storm after another keeps peltin'us! What's with that???

God bless ya!!! :o)

elysabeth said...

I'll look at the links - not sure where this one will go - a new story or part of last week's starter - lol. I've got so much going on in my head that I'm not able to think of anything new right now. I need to buckle down and concentrate on my old stuff - my state stories specifically since I need to get them published right now or in the very near future. I will mull this one over after I do my editing and other stuff and see what I come up with - E :)

Elysabeth Eldering
Author of the Junior Geography Detective Squad, 50-state, mystery, trivia series

Where will the adventure take you next?

21 Wits said...

Yes Jenny I posted and kept on with my characters from last SS, no picture, just under 100 and it's a great prompt she gave us, checked out those 2 links I still couldn't figure out where to comment on the second one I believe it was...any way have a great weekend...! ;)

e said...

This is my 2nd entry and is a carry on from my thriller piece of last week. Can't wait to delve in and read the other entries! Absolutely love this!

Susan Anderson said...

In a rush, but I'm still playing! Good prompt, Ames!


Rek Sesh said...

I do make it a point to read every drabble....sometimes I might miss out a couple, the last ones....
I love Robyn, Viki, Kat, Tina and CJ ...even if I post last on Thursdays...they till manage to comment....

Gems said...

Hi Jenny,

I am moving over to my other blog as I keep responding to my Saturday Centus friends using the wrong links and names. It has the same name, Gems and Rhinestones. Please visit for my continuing blogging journey. I will link my site to the Saturday Centus, I just wanted to let you know it was still me.

Nonna said...

Just wanted to thank you for this fun Saturday Centus and also to let you know I visited every submission this took an hour to read and comment but so worth it. There are so many talented people out there writing every week.

I was out of town for the past 2 weeks visiting family and had to go to the public library to write my own S.C. Limited time on the computer in a small town wouldn't allow me to read and comment on the other submissions. I was bowled over the first week I wrote a Centus...many very kind comments !

I guess people just get busy sometimes and don't have the time to read every one...kudos to you for encouraging us all to try very hard to read and comment !!!

Jim said...

Can anyone join?
Hope you like my site. Real travel experiences.

Jim said...

Hi guys, so I've figured out I have to do a post on..."'s getting bigger."
Gee that's easy.
I'll be back with the right link to a getting bigger post. I just have to look at my waistline. Meantime enjoy the post I linked to.

Unknown said...

To my horror, my link does not work! It says "NOT FOUND!"
But if you click on "Back to Home Page" to get to my Centus post. But this will only work as long as I don'├Ąt post anything more.
I'll try to do a dublicate to get another address..