Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Getting Toasted in 2013

I have this very odd sensation on my butt.

I can't quite place it.




It's sitting on the chair by my computer!

(hee hee)

It's been a while.

I'm slowly coming by to visit and catch up!   I hope you are all well and enjoying the clean(ish) slate of a New Year.

And speaking of clean slates, I wanted to tell you a little tip I learned about tortillas.



You don't see that as a natural segue in this post?   Slate?   Tortillas?


Yeah, I see your point.  That was a bit of a stretch.

Obviously it's not only my desk chair that has fallen into disuse during my limited computer time.

But, anyway...

You know how you take tortillas and put them in the oven to crisp them?

Or fry them on top of the stove in a little vegetable oil?

Or cook them right on your gas burner to char them?  

Or lay them on the flat top burner of your stove and...

WAIT!   WAIT!   Don't do that last one!   It's a bad, bad, bad idea.

However, you know you can put a tortilla in the toaster and it works GREAT!?!

If you just need a few for a meal and don't want to fire up the big oven and/or deal with the whole pan/charring mess, this little tip works like a charm.

If your tortillas are super thin, you can put two together in the slot.

You can see them puff up and then get toasted into yummy little blisters of flavor.

They taste hot and fresh and yummy and they work great for a quick sandwich or as an addition to a meal.

Try it and let me know what you think. 

If you're Empty Nesters like Mr. Jenny and me, it's a simple way to deal with the small quantities required for mealtimes.


I know.

I'm a genius.

And... you're welcome.

(hee hee)

I hope you enjoy getting toasted in the New Year!

And I'm hoping to be back on a more regular basis.

I'm thinking sitting at my desk chair might constitute exercise of some kind.

And I'm all for that in the New Year, too!

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Bossy Betty said...

I'm going to try this!!!

Diane said...

I haven't had a pop up toaster in many years because when I was in my twenties and toasting a pop-tart in one while I was getting ready for work, it caught on fire and I went it to find flames shooting up out of that thing. Burned black spot underneath my cabinets.

I've been afraid of them ever since. They rank right up there with spiders!

Anonymous said...

JDaniel has a cold. I just made him butter toast points yesterday.

Theresa said...

Well dear Jenny, I think you ARE a Genius! Love this idea and I will certainly try it:) We are empty nesters and find ourselves trying to find quick and yummy things to eat instead of HUGE meals! Hugs to you my Friend!

Amy said...

why, that is absolutely GENIOUS Miss Jenny! I have never thought to do that. Thank you for sharing!


Leovi said...

Yes, thank you very much. We also wish you a happy 2013, greetings.

Debra at HOMESPUN: said...

Great tip!

Now I am craving mexican food!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a good idea! We have a vintage pop up toaster but it works great! Glad to see you back! It's been a crazy holiday time for sure.

hugs, Linda

Ms. A said...

When that gets stuck in my toaster, I'm calling you to dig it out!

Unknown said...

Awesome idea!

Janie Junebug said...

I've never done any of those things with a tortilla. I just let a server bring them to me in a restaurant.


Susan Anderson said...

Cool to know! I'll try it.

I also love my bamboo steamer. Have you ever used one? Makes them taste like they do in the Mexican restaurant.


Betty said...

I'm trying to play a little catch up today too, but it's testing my patience on this slow to load Netbook.

I'm going to have to try my toaster oven with the tortillas. I don't have a regular toaster but I think it would work the same and probably be a lot better than the microwave.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I DO think you are a genius. I've never thought about clever.
Happy new year to you and your peeps!!! Oh, and I hope your butt is ready for more posting. LOL