Monday, January 28, 2013

Marriage Counselors are coming in smaller packages these days...


A few days ago we had all the Grandlittle's with us and were hauling yet another pick-up load of stuff to the new house.

Mr. Jenny was cranky.

I was cranky.

The Grandlittles were NOT cranky.


Mr. Jenny and I had a teeny/weeny little tiff.

It was more a dispute...really.

And I was right.

And he was wrong.


He thought he was right.

And I was wrong.

Our very rare arguments are characterized with silence and a slight coolness to each other.

No yelling.

No throwing shoes at each others heads.

Even though I think that might be more fun.

I didn't even think the Grandlittle's noticed it.

I was wrong.

The littlest Grandlittle, Mo, picked up on the slight discord.

When we left I climbed into the back of the crew cab with the two littler kids and told the oldest girl to sit up front.   With Grandpa.

I figured that would teach him for not knowing that he was wrong and I was right.


After a few minutes, though, Mo reached up and put one little hand on her Grandpa and the other on my arm.

"Grandma," she said in an absolutely syrupy voice.  "Grandma.   Let me just TELL you how SORRY Grandpa is."

Mr. Jenny looked straight ahead.

"Ahem," she cleared her squeaky little soprano voice.  "Ahem!   Grandma!   Let ME just TELL you how SORRY Grandpa is.   Right, Grandpa?"

Mr. Jenny paused for a very brief second and then sighed.

A few times.

"Okay, Grandma!   I'm really sorry."

Then Mo continued.   "Ahem!   Grandpa!   Let ME just TELL you how SORRY Grandma is.   Right?   Grandma?"




I knew this girl was precocious but a marriage counselor at six years old?


That just boggles my mind.

Our argument was put aside until Mr. Jenny and I went to bed that night.

"Ummm," Mr. Jenny said.   "I think you were wrong but it's okay and  I'm not mad about it anymore."



"I thought Mo said how SORRY you were?"

"She said that...not me," he replied.


I can't wait to call little Mo and have her make Mr. Jenny apologize again.  


Just kidding.

Kind of.

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Melinda said...

Way out of here too cute!
Miss Mo has it going on!!

M :)

Judie said...

emaline, age 3 1/2, asks, "are you frustrated, daddy?" they know!

Naperville Now said...

smart cookie!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

out of the mouths of babes.

I am never wrong Jenny, sometimes less right but never wrong. :-)

Jeanie said...

The good news(other than Mo's marrige counseling skills)is that you have a blog where it says right there in black and white that you were right and he was wrong....if it is in print it has to be true, right?

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Out of the mouths of Grand Littles! That's all there is to say!

hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

Mo is wonderful!

Moore Minutes said...

That is TOO precious and awesome!!! Way to go Grandlittle. ;)

21 Wits said...

Ten Points MO! and Grandma- no points Grandpa! Hahaha!

Theresa said...

Oh how sweet:) That is the most precious marriage counselor I have ever seen! Hope you and Mr. Jenny have kissed and made up:) HUGS!

Rachel said...

Oh Lord... kids are SO perceptive!

Giggling a bit... because I'm sure it was hard not to when your precious little counselor was in the middle of her therapy :)

Jo said...

omg Jenny, that is just too precious ... it is amazing how sensitive little kids are to the moods of others ... how wonderful this little story is ...

Sue said...

Kids these days are just too wise, aren't they?

Maureen Wyatt said...

What a sweetie pie she is and who knows where here mediation skills will take her in life!

Susan Anderson said...

She is beyond adorable. I love everything you write about her. What a great girl!


Barb said...

Your grandlittle's a pretty smart cookie!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Ahhh..the wisdom of children! Moving is so frustrating, Jenny. My husband and I have vowed never to move again until we go to a nursing home.

Siggi in Downeast Maine said...

Love it ! Subtle like a lead balloon !

H said...

Someone has taught her well. Might you have had a hand in that? :)

vivian said...

how cute! I love your stories! have fun moving!!

Leovi said...

Well ... apparently there was a happy ending ...

Anonymous said...

Too precious for words. Outstanding.

Debra at HOMESPUN: said...

so cute

and of course you were right!

Pat Tillett said...

From the mouths of babes...
Great post Jenny. This is the stuff memories are made of.

Amy said...

What a sweet little peace maker she is! It is amazing how much little kids pick up on discord, isn't it? How darling of her. And Mr. Jenny's retort sort of made me laugh a bit. Just a bit. Because I am sure you were completely in the right. Completely.

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a sweet little marriage counselor she is. I'm wondering about her payment plan though? Cookies, glitter and glue?

Splendid Little Stars said...

kidding? kidding? I don't think so! How clever of sweet little Mo!