Sunday, April 29, 2012

“You did WHAT? What kind of a freakin’ idiot are you anyway?”

Shirley reddened in embarrassment.

“What freakin’ moron would put a winning freakin’ lottery ticket down on the freakin’ tissue table?”

Shirley’s lip quivered under my wrath-filled intensity as she tried to explain, “Calm down…we’ll find it. It won’t be that hard. I put it under the yellow tissue stack so that means it must have been packaged in a box of yellow flowers!”

Great news,” I said sarcastically as the UPS truck pulled away from the loading dock. “There’s a yellow rose in Texas…and Pennsylvania…and Arizona. That’ll make it so much easier to find!”

This far-fetched little story is linked to week 104 of Saturday Centus.  The six word prompt is in bold.   To read other offerings, just click here.
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Susan Anderson said...

Far-fetched, yes, but fun!


Ms. A said...

Hahaha, who could come up with this one, other than our Jenny!

PS: This would NOT be funny if it was true, it would be tragic.

Judie said...

Arizona! Right! And I ordered some yellow flowers. Could it be? Hold on a sec. WOW! Here's a....hmmmmm...never mind.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Far fetched but soooo sounds like somethin' I'd do! Heeeheehhee!!!!

Enjoy this beautifully blessed day sweetie!!! :o)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Fun story, Jenny! You really set a scene so well in your writings. I wanted to help her look for the

Judee said...

Far fetched, maybe, but still fun! I guess they'll be searching for a long time! -Judee (from write tuit at WordPress)

Anonymous said...

Very creative! :-)

Amy Bella said...

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