Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Crabby just because...

...does that ever happen to you?

You wake up crabby "just because" and you can't shake it.
And it just follows you around all day like an obnoxious shadow that pokes you in the butt and just irritates the heck out of you?

Well, it happened to me today.

So I decided it would be a good day to be irritated with my husband.

Unfortunately I think he woke up in a "crabby just because" mood, too, cuz we had a fight.

It all started because he didn't listen to me. I sent him an e-mail AND told him and left him a note but he still forgot.

What he forgot isn't important. True facts are never important when "crabby just because" is involved.

It's just important that he did forget. Cuz when you are in a "crabby just because" mood that translates to...obviously he doesn't love me anymore. Or something like that. Which I, sweet, calm Jenny know isn't true. But which I, "crabby just because" Jenny, believes probably is.

But that dang cranky shadow kept poking me in the butt and even though I told myself don't get mad at him cuz he is wonderful so much of the time I STILL GOT MAD!

And when I got annoyed with him he got a bit short back with me.

Seriously, how dare he?

I am the only one allowed to be "crabby just because" in my house. I guess he forgot that important rule though.

I have to segue off the story for a moment to tell you that my husband and I never get sarcastic with each other AND we never call each other names. It's a rule we started early in our marriage. We have other rules but they don't apply here so I will save those to spring on you at another time during another story.

But now back to this story. And now you know that important rule you will be shocked when I tell you that I told him "you never listen to me AND you are DUMB!"

At first there was dead silence.

And then he said, "right back atcha!"

And then I said "wow, so you can listen to me once in awhile!"

And he said "oh, geez, I said I was sorry."


And ummm...then I'm ashamed to say he was mature and said "I'm going into my office because I think that's best right now!"


You can't just go off into your office and shut the door quietly when I am in a "crabby just because" mood.

Get back here!

But he didn't.

So I stomped around the house for a good long while, toying briefly with packing his suitcase to teach him a lesson.

I'm telling ya, when "crabby just because" attacks you, it does one of those Vulcan mind control things on you.

And you are at its mercy.

So after I felt sorry for myself awhile, and found a stale Christmas cookie to eat, and watched a rerun of "What not to Wear" I began to feel "crabby just because" leave my house.

And I made him a cup of tea.

And took it into his office.

And gave it to him, sweetly, without spilling any of the boiling liquid on him.

And we've decided to talk again.

And I think if "crabby just because" didn't come to my house today I would never have gotten that annoyed because he didn't listen.

Because to be honest he does listen to me 99.9 percent of the time.

So .... ACCCCCKKKK!!!!

There's a small possibility I might have over-reacted just a bit.


I hate when that happens.

Now I have to apologize.

But maybe if I'm lucky he won't listen!


And I can't even blame "crabby just because" on PMS cuz I had all that excess girl stuff removed decades ago.



Amy said...

I've felt haggish today myself Jenny. So glad I read this before I started an argument with my hubs though! LOL Hope the crabbies go away!! :)

KCSherri said...

Oh, Jenny - It's normal - especially this time of year. Post-holiday stress syndrome, I think they call it! I'm glad you guys worked it out! :)

Jeanette said...

Isn't that ole crabby cloud awful. I am glad it floated away after a few hours.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my gosh..."I felt crabby just because" came to our house yesterday. So funny...but it took IFCJB a day later to leave our house. We are both stubborn and the crabbiness took a bit longer to leave.
Thanks for the smiles...you are too cute.

Wanda..... said...

I've learned to just be quiet and pout...it keeps me out of trouble when feeling crabby.

Unknown said...

i hear ya sista! but my husband always makes me laugh...his first words to me, when i am like that, are...hmmm let me consult my calendar...you seem to be the most fertile woman on the planet. and i laugh, and he laughs and then someone else gets to suffer my wrath!

Martha's Favorites said...

Oh, do I know the feeling! We always manage to get though it. Blessings, Martha

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I hate it when "crabby" visits my house! I'm so glad that you visited me today from Sherry's blog -- it's always nice to meet new friends and I'm delighted that you chose to follow me! I'm looking forward to getting to know you in the new year! Cheers!

Melissa Miller said...

Oh boy. I had that crabby stuff today too.

Doesn't a cup of hot tea always fix things? Love this post Jenny!

laterg8r said...

we did that yesterday - crabby sucks and apologizing sucks too LOL :D

Gabrielle said...

Oh my I could have been reading a day in my own life, made me laugh!!

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

Used to be, before the bleeding from my uterus ceased (!), I would have CRABBY FOR A REASON DAY about every 8 weeks...accompanied by SAD FOR A REASON DAY (grrrrrrrrrrreat combo!); the problem was it occurred so irregularly I never identified the problem until well into the day...and the hail of sarcasm that left my mouth without any effort at all.

In recent years, I've dialed way back on the sarcasm, but I did just recently call my husband a doo-doo head. Can you relate??

Julie Kwiatkowski Schuler said...

Oh, we all get those days when we wake up scrappy. Then look around for someone to scrap with. My husband is also a non-scrapper. Usually he gives me the silent treatment until I calm down. Which is a good thing, or else many dishes would get broken.

PropellerHeadMom said...

I usually don't wake up crabby. But by the end of the day...look out! Hopefully "crabby" will just stay away for a while :-)

Vicki/Jake said...

Oh, the dang crabby crap infects us all. But I have a different approach to it. I'm the only one that has to listen to me!! Guess that's good...But have you ever tried to have a good 'ol knock down drag out argument with yourself???
ya, nuf said (O:
Glad you fixed it and life it good..

Katie said...

I hope the crabby just because monster stays away for a long time! :) It visited me last week. Boo! Glad you worked everything out!

Thanks for visiting my blog and the so sweet compliment about my baby feet header picture! :)

Happy New Year! (a bit early!)

Deborah Ann said...

Lord, girl, you crack me up! I just had a day like that last week. Good to know I'm not alone...in my crabiness.

Savvy-Motherhood said...

Love your blog!

Joyeful said...

This is hilarious! I felt like I was reading a script from my dramatic life : ) I blame "crabby just because" on pregnancy hormones WAY too often!

Unknown said...

I have my crabby days too...I have learned when I feel way, I just warn everyone...I used to call it pms, now it's menopuase...haha

Sea Gypsy said...

Hi! It is so nice to meet you! I loved this post! It sounds like something that happens around my house every now and then.LOL! Just because!

Its So Very Cheri said...

Hey girl--here is my LATE comment-I layed down-so wiped out from being sick and fell asleep and feel like I could go right back to bed.
Can I make a suggestion--can you enlarge your font and make it bold-it is really hard to read on this background.


Bits-n-Pieces said...

i got depressed just because last night..and wanted to cry and have a pity party and make my manfriend feel sorry for me, but the thing I was so sad over was so stupid to be sad over, that I was too embarrassed to make my manfriends pity and baby me.
so I had to get over it.

Linda b said...

I just hate it when those "crabby just because" days hit. It's particularly annoying when they hit without warning. Then everybody just needs to stay clear !!! Loved your post and I love your Steve ~~ you are both gems ~~ evenwhen you're "crabby just because " !!!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...


Oh those days! And you can't even blame it on those "Girlie Bits" anymore. ,-)

Well, neither can I. My "Girlie Bits" stopped functioning, 32 years ago. ,-)

Anonymous said...

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