Saturday, December 19, 2009

Non-fluffy hair, making something yummy for the neighbors AND exposing a big lie about physics...

...Wow! Now you can officially never say that I don't cover a wide variety of subjects on my blog.

Well, actually, you can say it but then I can say "liar, liar pants on fire" in the mature way I have of dealing with things like this.


Last night I went to Guy's show with UNFLUFFY HAIR and I got a great seat not surrounded by any gaseous people whatsoever! And I decided that lack-of-surrounding-flatulence or not I might have been too old and/or too tired to truly appreciate all the alcohol, fire, rock music and other shenanigans! (And if that word doesn't make me sound old and/or tired I don't know what would!) But it was interesting. And I will say that Guy really has the charisma...shenanigans or not!

And about the neighbors? I may or may not make the infamous cheez-it cracker snacks to giveaway but I wanted to try and make dulce de leche as a gift as well. I love dulce de leche. Do you know it means "milk candy"? And it definitely is milky-caramely-candy-like goodness.

And it is super, super, super easy. Especially if you have a pressure cooker. Or even if you only have a big pan.

I'm going to give you the recipe now so you might want to grab a pen cuz this stuff is seriously delicious.

OK, write this down.

Cans of sweetened condensed milk.

Got that?

Next, write this down...

Oh wait. There's nothing else to write down cuz that is the entire list of ingredients.

So...because I am momentarily channeling Pioneer Women here's how to do it...

The cast of characters...hee hee! I love this part. And now for the step by step instructions.

Rip off all the labels. Put the cans in the bottom of your pressure cooker and cover with water PLUS an additional extra inch or so over the top of the cans. Bring to a boil, put your pressure lid on and cook at low pressure for 30 minutes. Don't worry about that pan and whisk in the front of the pressure cooker. It is custard filling for a Boston cream pie I was making. Let pressure drop naturally. (If you don't have a pressure cooker you can put the cans into a big pot and cover with water the same way). Bring to a high boil, lower temp to slow boil and cook for 2 1/2 hours. Yes. 2 1/2 hours. But it will add moisture to your dry winter home while it cooks so it's really a two-fer.

After the cans cool, open one up to make sure it worked... And it did! Look at all this caramelly, dulce de leche yummy goodness! It tastes amazing.

Now all that's left is some pretty packaging...
and you are done!

Hey, I'm not channeling Martha tonight so this is the best packaging I could do for the moment.

Actually tomorrow I will put this yumminess into cute little jars and make them look a little more attractive.

Oh gosh, and as exposing the big law about physics? OK. I feel kind of bad I have to break this to you and all but I need to be honest here. Look at this picture for a it carefully. Did you see?

Could you see it?

Yes. I'm sorry to tell you but A WATCHED POT DOES ACTUALLY BOIL.

And with that incredibly stupid remark and picture I am slinking off in utter shame.



KCSherri said...

For a second, I thought you were joking about boiling some cans in the pot - but I should have known - its Jenny Matlock, and

1. Jenny never jokes (snort) and
2. Jenny channels Martha Stewart all the time, so

3. this surely can't be a joke. And you're right - it actually looks yummy! (Well - except for the cans - a cute little jar will look so much better.)

And the physics lesson? On a Saturday night, no less?


Jana said...

OOOO I have seen this before....what do you do with it though? I was just wonderin if there was something you do with that caramely goodness since it looks really important...and super yummy...I said shenanigans on my post a couple of days ago...Im 25...what does that mean???

Tarnished Rose said...

Let me catch my breath, PANT PANT, you are sooo funny, pant pant, whew. OKAY. Caught my breath. Really hard though. Kept slipping through my hands.

Now I'll slink away with that horrid joke.


People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

'I laughed. I cried. It was better that "Cats".'

You are a natural...uh...a natural!

I laughed my butt off and then, when I stopped, I thought, 'Wait - how do you serve this masterpiece? If you made drops of it, would it harden like caramel? Am I missing the whole point of it?

Dumb as a Stump.

Jen said...

I have never seen how to make carmel with that milk. WOW...So easy and looked so good...Yes, what do you do with it? Ice Cream topping? Do you refridgerate it after opening? I am sorry, but I need more info, it looks great! thanks.

laterg8r said...

excuse my ignorance but what do you do with dulce de lece???

so glad you had a non-fluffy hair experience :D

Christina said...

That is the craziest thing...that you can do that to evaporated milk and it turns into dulce de leche?!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Yummy! It's so easy to do! I bet it makes an amazing filling for a cake :-) Thanks for the recipe!

Unknown said...

You are a treasure ... I now have the perfect gift for my new ministry friends all who will know exactly what dulce de leche is and what to do with it! I've seen directions for making it before, but they included a crockpot and hours of waiting to make just one little jar ... something I don't have the time or patience for. But with your great how-to, I can make everyone's at one time! Thank you, thank you.

shirley elizabeth said...

Hi. I'm trying to understand this. I know what dulce de leche is and all the deliciousness it's used for, but I don't understand how evaporated milk turns into it. Last time I checked, evaporated milk wasn't very sweet.

I must be missing something.

Speaking of which, I just remembered half a can of the stuff is still in my fridge from the holidays. Oh nasty.

Anonymous said...

What's up with the "evaporated milk" remarks? This stuff is SWEETENED condensed milk and if you find a very old can in the back of your pantry, don't throw it away. When it gets old, it turns into dulce de lache all by itself. Trust me, it won't hurt you if it is old. . . except maybe make you chubby(er).

shirley elizabeth said...

Wow. I swear I read evaporated milk on there. Was this edited from before? Ha, don't look at the idiot here.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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This sounds yummy and may be just the excuse I need to go buy a pressure cooker!