Thursday, December 10, 2009

Please do not attempt the fluffy hair thing...

...that I wrote about on this post.

Or at least do not attempt it before attending a concert.

I am firmly convinced that it is somehow attracting people to me that are...ummmm...smelly.

Same story as Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

We got to the venue for Sara Evans.

I was all kinds of wiggly in excitement because her voice is so wonderful.

Two empty seats to the right of me.

I keep telling my husband to keep his fingers crossed.

Show starts.

Sara is amazing.

Two women start down the aisle. I look up. Uh oh. They are the sisters to the guy I sat by at TSO. OK, I tell myself to be positive. I look again.

They are carrying big armloads of food including popcorn and hotdogs topped with chili and raw onions.

The people around us are sniffing in disgust.

What? What is this? How can this be?

Go away bad people.


They squash me going by and the hovering scent of raw onion and chili makes me feel slightly less holiday-like.

My husband leans over to the woman on his left. They talk.

I am squashed.

I am mad.

I am cursing my fluffy hair which has, obviously caused this, cuz before I knew the fluffy hair trick this never happened to me.

I look to my left and my husband and scooted down four seats to his left. The woman next to him saw what was happening and accomodated his request!

Oh hooray!

I love him!

He is my hero.

I scoot down and leave a four seat buffer between me and additional chili/onion stench!


The show is wonderful.

She sings amazingly well.

I am blown away by her versions of the Little Drummer Boy, Oh Come all Ye Faithful and Oh Holy Night!

And no nostril cells were damaged in the pursuit of this musical magic.

Go me!

But I'm thinking next Friday when we go to see Guy Fieri I'm gonna just let my hair hang down like stick hair. Why risk it three times in a row?



Julie Kwiatkowski Schuler said...

Heh. The curse of the beautiful fluffy haired people. You should wear a kerchief!

jules said...

Why does that always seem to happen? It never fails...

Carol said...

Think of the time you can save not fluffing your hair.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Darnit...
Why do these things always happen to nice people. My husband and I believe these bad people just naturally gravitate to us no matter what we go to, or why we go there. It is beyond me.

I am so happy that you had a wonderful time though.

Please stop by and say hi. I so love it when you do.

Country hugs...Sherry

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

The photo with the red line through it was an especially nice touch. LOL!!!!!!

laterg8r said...

who knew that great hair = crazy people??? LOL

Anonymous said...

I can't stand it when people bring stinky things! Especially on the airplane. NO good. No good at all...

Lucy said...

Hi Jenny! The fluffy hair thing can be blamed for tons of stuff! Cute post and thanks for stopping at my Secrets For happiness!

Tarnished Rose said...

Oh my. That's hilarious!!!!!

Unfortunately, for some reason, I have fluffy hair now whether I want it or not (my hair which I wore short for YEARS & was straight as a board FOREVER is now long and CURLY-NATURALLY) & I do seem to "attract" attention.

Better luck at your next concert!

Smiles and ROFLOL~

Its So Very Cheri said...

Can you tell me what was the other one that you were going to try and purchase so I can check the problem.

Here is how it should work:
You click on the first one and it takes you to the payment center and you can continue shopping. If it is not working like that I just need to know so I can contact them and get it fixed.

Unknown said...

dadgummit! i hope guy doesn't cook chili or something. that would be very, very bad. you poor thing. wear a stocking cap to be on the safe side! *wink, wink*

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

Yay for your hero!

I adore Sara Evans and play her Christmas CD every day during the season and off and on throughout the entire year. I'm jealous I didn't get to see her!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Your fluffy hair is too cute!! :) Thanks for the visit. :)

Unknown said...

your husband is a hero.....I am sure it is not your fluffy hair though....really....