Thursday, December 3, 2009

Week 9 - Red Writing Christmas Tree Challenge

You know what? I give up!

Honestly, I used to be crafty in another lifetime. I have no idea where that particular trait went...I guess off into some recessive gene pool where I seem to be unable to retrieve it.

But, I tried, honestly.

I went to the store last week and bought several bags of marshmallows, a white foam tree form and some cute little red berry glittery-garland things. To make an interpretation of this super-cute wreath I saw in the Food Network magazine. I actually also bought a white foam wreath to make the same wreath for Red Writings Week 8

I know, I know, you think this is gonna be something like the dog ate my homework, right?

Well kinda.

It's simply that I have no idea where I put these things.

Absolutely zero.

I think my recessive creative gene is keeping good company with my recessive memory genes.


All is not lost.

Because I have a bunch of yoyo's here to make Christmas garlands so how about this for a different tree idea? I think it's kind of cute actually. I just stitched each one together...

Acccckkk!!! I cannot lie.

I didn't stitch them together. I just layed them on the table in my office thinking I would lie about the stitching but I can't do it.

It's not because I think Santa is's because I am a really, really bad liar.

And perhaps in some small way I think it is because I think Santa is watching.


If you took five minutes to actually stitch it all together I think it would look cute on a wall.

So Happy Christmas Tree week to Keelie and all her followers and anyone else silly enough to read this ridiculous blog today.

So click on Red Writings 12 weeks of Christmas link at the top right of my blog to see more real Christmas tree ideas!

Ho Ho Ho-ping you feel a lot more festive now.



Jen said...

Oh, what a cute post. I loose things all the time...I will buy something, have great ideas, and then put it away so good no can find it, including me. Glad to hear that I am in good company! Love the yo-yo tree! very cute.

Diana said...

Yes Jenny, IF you DID stitch the tree together it would be lovely. I really like it!
Love Di

Unknown said...

you're not gonna believe this, but by the time i got to the bottom of your post (i was entranced by the crafty tree) i totally forgot what happened to the marshmallow wreath so i had to go back up and read it again. yeah. memory loss ROCKS!

Wanda..... said...

Your yoyo tree looks mother was a quilter, she once made a queen size yoyo quilt for my daughter, every inch was covered with a weighed a ton! My daughter cherishes though.

Hope you find those marshmallows!

laterg8r said...

let's just hope your marshmellows aren't someplace HOT! LOL :D

Kristen and Sean said...

Jenny - I never fail to chuckle over your posts! The funniest part is that I looked at the yo-yos and thought, "wow - I can't even see the stitching! She is so talented....". :) So, did you eat the marshmallows?

Julie Kwiatkowski Schuler said...

yeah, 'fess up. We all know what happened to those marshmallows :)

laterg8r said...

no problems for me with red's mclinky (i'm number 2 on the list)

perhaps it is user error LOL (just kidding) :D

email her, she'll hook you up!

Diana Ferguson said...

That's a great idea there, girl!!!

Try hooking up to Keelie again. Maybe it will work this time. Mine worked.

Dena Pickle said...

Too funny! I'm a really bad liar upper lips gets all sweaty, no use trying when it's soooo obvious!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Unknown said...

the marshmallow wreath is cute and I like the yo yo tree too! You need to ask Santa, "how good is good?".......I think you are crafty, we all are hard on ourselves......

Suz said...

Jenny,thank you for stopping by...and for pulling up a chair at my table!
I just had to come by and meet you.
You have a funny bone,too.
I thought you were going to say after losing your marshmellows, you stumbled on the yoyo's you misplaced last year! I wouldn't sew them...find an air nailer

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found your blog :) I love the marshmelow wreath :) Different :)

Moore Minutes said...

You're so smart to think to make that tree like that!! What a SUPER idea! love it...

Tina❀ said...

I'm the same way, Miss Jenny. My intentions are good though. LOL.

Tina❀ said...
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