Saturday, December 26, 2009

On the day after Christmas....

...but first...the prelude.

On the twelth day before Christmas,
My neighbor brought to me
12 pieces of toffee
Which to be polite I had to quickly eat.
On the eleventh day before Christmas
I received in my morning mail
11 festive fruitcakes
which I ate and still lived to tell the tale.
On the tenth day before Christmas
I found by my front door
10 pans of fudge, thank goodness
there wasn't 11 cuz I couldn't have eaten any more!
On the ninth day before Christmas
I waddled to the table
To find 9 bowls of hershey kisses
which I ate to please my favorite cousin Mabel.
On the eighth day before Christmas
My husband said "oh ick,
please eat these 8 banana breads
Because frankly I feel sick!"
On the seventh day before Christmas
A box came UPS
Containing 7 sugar cookies
Which put my sweet tooth to the test!
On the sixth day before Christmas
My Mother brought to me,
6 pieces of peanut brittle
which she made me eat right beside the Christmas tree.
On the fifth day before Christmas
On the 4th day before Christmas
My daughter said to me
"Mom, I'm coming over to bring you
4 special Christmas sweets!"
On the third day before Christmas
I had a terrible stomachache,
But then my son showed up
with 3 special Christmas cakes!
On the second day before Christmas,
I was feeling slightly frownie,
When my very sweet nephew Tom
brought over two big pans of brownies!
On the last day before Christmas
I was in a sugar coma
When our dear friends Steve and Cyndie
Brought us a bag of Christmas donuts!
On the actual day of Christmas
my mouth said to my eyes
I'm sure it's not gonna hurt to eat
just one more piece of pie!

So now, on the first day after Christmas
My jeans say to my tummy,
"Time to get on a diet,
eating Christmas cheer ain't funny!"
Sigh. But not too big cuz I can't really exhale very far at the moment.


PS I just cracked up when I went to one of the blogs I follow cuz here's what Julie posted!


Its So Very Cheri said...

Merry SWEET Christmas


Linda said...

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas Jenny! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I surely hope you'll visit again! This post is hilarious! I don't think I'll be eating any sweets for a while ... Aloha, Linda

laterg8r said...

omg - i ate all my calories for the week in one day too LOL :D

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I am so stuffed after two days of indulging that all I want to do is drink water

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Jenny...
I am laughing so hard, I am still wiping my eyes. How absolutely cute this is. You are a clever one. I love it. Just love it. I think we have all tasted a few to many things over the holidays.

Thank you for sharing sweet friend. Please have a wonderful Happy New Year. It will be here the end of the week. Where has this year gone?

Thank you for sharing 2009 with me. I am so looking forward to
2010. Country hugs sweetie and much love to you. Sherry

Leslie said...

I think I ate ALL of this! I just noticed on our profile you are originally from too! Transplanted to Texas, by way of Kentucky and Indian first.
Hope you had a great Christmas!

Leslie said...

Meant to say Indiana, not Indian!! Oh brother!

KCSherri said...

Were you peeking in my refrigerator??! That is so me!

Thank God for elastic pants. That's all I'm sayin'.

Vicki/Jake said...

HI Jenny! First I want to thank you for being my newest follower on 2 of my blogs! This is the other one...mostly stories from my past. Come visit sometime.
Now, I'm still laughing at this post. Why do we EAT so much this time of year?? The last picture looks like I feel! Ok, now I'll go follow you and look back at some of your posts. Have a good rest of the weekend and I'll for sure be back. Thanks!!

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

I just went into a diabetic coma from reading that!

Funny! Funny! Funny! And true!

Diana said...

Well Jenny we were singing the same song through Christmas. The sweets were comforting to me. So tomorrow I am going to start working out again.
And I am going to stop wearing sweats and put my jeans back on if they still fit!
Love Di

Jeanette said...

What a precious blog! We are sisters, my husband was almost served with divorce papers also....he did not get up until 7:30! He keeps my presents locked in the truck until HE gets up? Can you believe it? Merry Christmas. One of our Aunts lives in Mesa so we are sorta neighbors. LOL

Jana said...

Hey where'd you get that picture of me?!!!

Pauline said...

I can relate...years ago, lol. Oh dear, it's so easy to raise our hands to our mouths, but so hard to close ours mouths before the treats get there :o)


Brenda said...

Oh yes the after Christmas jean buttoning problem....I have still been giving away leftover cookies and candies to save myself. I did get my gum. Ooodles of it. I have to keep this quiet but sometimes it starts to get stale before I chew it all. lol. I really do not chew that much gum. But I always have some in my purse so if I need a little minty something its there. Also my grand kids love to have a piece when we go out together.

Naturegirl said...

Jenny what a way to a girls heart with all these sweets!
EEKS!! I think we all will be struggling with our waistbands in the New Year!

I was touched by your comment left for me at my blog.Thank you
Blessisngs to you and yours for a Happy New year filled with peace love JOy and a few lbs shed.LOL!
:) aNNa xo

Terri Steffes said...

Were you peeking in on us? If so, you did a nice job of writing what we did! I am so glad to get rid of all that sweet stuff!

Kerrie said...

Dear Jenny, thank you for your kind comments and for visiting my blog, come back soon! Now YOU have to stop becuz I gained 10 lbs. just looking at all of your goodies-LOL! Fun Blog, Have a wonderful New Year! Kerrie

Moore Minutes said...

Wow, sweet overload and you are hilarious...always. ;) Christmas is definitely the biggest time of the year for sweets! I've been working on some things for the party too...I will be in contact soon!

Julie Kwiatkowski Schuler said...

I've been outta town, I just saw that you gave me a link! How sweet! Thank you!