Thursday, August 18, 2011

UPDATED! Spreading the word on a lost brother...and...does anyone...

Good morning! The brother has been found! Hooray! He is not yet back on US soil, but on his way! If you want to read the update, just click here!


I know a lot of you know Amy over at Involuntary Smiles.

I had an e-mail from her this morning asking if I could post a request from another blogger about her brother being missing.

If you could help spread the word on this I know Amy and her friend would be grateful. To read the information for the Lost Brother post, just click here. Thank you.

Also, I know some of you do website and blog design but, of course, I can't remember who does it now.

I'm looking for a very basic HTML website for my husbands company. We need a homepage, about us, products and services and contact pages. Currently the website is built in flash and I cannot maintain it.

I'm also looking for a basic wordpress blog and related button.

I am price driven on this work...darn recession anyway.

But if you do this kind of thing or know someone who can do it quickly and fairly inexpensively please e-mail me at: jennymatlock at cox dot net and put "Website Design" in the subject line!


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Susan Anderson said...

I did see Amy's post and am glad you put it up where you get so much traffic. I surely hope they find him soon.

As for the computer-related stuff, I am less than no help at all.


Ames said...

The best I can do is pray for her brother. Most of my friends already come through your blogsite. I sure pray he is Okay. Thinking positive thoughts here.

Sorry can't help you out with your husband's business related website issues. I am a self taught computer user so ....what good am I? Not much!
Sorry and good luck!~Ames

myletterstoemily said...

oh dear. i will pray that he is safe and sound
and quickly found.

Amy said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I really appreciate it, as does Chantel. You are wonderful. I wish I could help you with the html. Good luck!

Slamdunk said...

Follow the links on the missing man, it looks like the Border Patrol notified the family that he checked in there. They are unsure if he had car trouble or what, but are happy he is safe: .

Kirat Singh said...

ok Jenny Matlock We areWeb Design Company and provide best web design service check plz

Terra said...

looks like I am not your design girl...I can't work with Wordpress have you checked out JoLynn at musingsofahousewife? she has reasonable pricing!

londonwebsite said...

I will pray for your brother. I wish to god. You will find him soon.

Anonymous said...

He's safe!

You are going to Wordpress for this business blog. Interesting. Hope you like it as much, as I do.

Susan Anderson said...

So glad he's safe.