Thursday, September 11, 2014

Let us Never Forget

Where were you when the world stood still?
In that moment the world became changed

With an imprint of terror
Forged forever in fire
When destruction fell down like fall rain?
Were you drinking your coffee?
Were you driving to work?
Were you holding your babe to your heart?
Were you humming a song?
Were you righting a wrong?
Were you ironing your favorite shirt?
Where were you when the world broke in
disrupting your everyday plans?
and disturbing the notion
that safety and peace
were the inalienable rights of all man…

Were you calling your mother?
Were you taking a bath?
Were you going through the motions of your day?
Were you baking a cake?
Were you planning a break up
and trying to find  the right words to say?
Where were you when the message came
That nothing in life is for sure?
And all we get is each moment with no guarantees
of tomorrow, next week or next year…
 Are you speaking a kind word?
Are you doing your part
to comfort and never cause pain?
Remember those moments
With your head and your heart
So the terror did not happen in vain…
Remember the message, remember the date
Remember nothing in life is for sure
for all we get is each moment with no guarantees
of tomorrow, next week or next year…

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Judie said...

Rod and I were in Prince Rupert, BC, and I was brushing my teeth and watching the morning news on t.v. I couldn't stop crying! I wanted to go home to Tucson immediately, but we couldn't leave. I will never forget the sight of the second plane hitting the tower.

carol l mckenna said...

Beautiful photo honoring that tragic day ~ great post ~ I was getting ready for work and fiance stopped by to tell me what had happened ~ It is still an unbelievable event

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I was driving to work and my daughter in law called me. I didn't believe her at first, but when I got to work and turned on my computer, my world just stopped. Still can't wrap my mind around it.

Beautiful post, sweetie. Hope you are doing ok...



Anonymous said...

Wow, the comments on this post are poignant! My daughter called me that day at 9 am, "Mom, put the TV on" - and there was something in your voice that made made me run to the TV - in time for the 2nd tower to be hit.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I was at home on the computer when a a friend let me know. I watched in horror as it unfolded and prayed for days and days and days for a friend of my husband's who was a volunteer firefighter who we later learned perished with a group of the brave. I will never forget. xo

Ames said...

I was just coming in the door from a 24 hour shift. I ran to catch the phone. When my crying sister wanted to know if I was okay. I had not heard until she told me to turn on the TV, as I often drove home in silence to leave the turmoil of work behind me. When I saw the second plane hit the second tower I dropped to my knees and cried. I still cry every September 11. I will never forget those that died. Freedom isn't free. God Bless America. As Winston Churchill once said "Out of the depths of sorrow and sacrifice will be born again the glory of mankind."
Sending my Love.....Ames

Annesphamily said...

We were getting ready to run out the door to work and school! It was so sad. Our world is filled with evil and I know this is just a reminder of things to come. I put my trust in Christ. He is the one I have to trust completely. Hugs to all today.

Gattina said...

I was in my car driving home from my painting course, I thought I misunderstood, at home I switched on the TV and saw the tragedy. Was terrible ! The world has certainly changed ever since !

Theresa said...

So true, we are not promised another moment! I was sitting at my desk listening to TV on the radio when I heard the news! I will NEVER forget that tragic day! Sending HUGS your way dear Jenny!

Lmkazmierczak said...

Yes, it did seem to stand took a couple of months before I could feel things were more normal, but it sure changed our world.

Susan Anderson said...

I love this. You are a poet as well as an artist, my friend.


Betty said...

I was getting ready to go walk at the mall and had the TV on as background noise. Good Morning America was on and I ran into the other room when I heard the news. I was watching when the second plane went into the World Trade Center. I'll always remember Charlie Gibson saying it looked like we had been deliberately attacked.

On the first anniversary I wrote something that was printed in the Houston Chronicle. I wrote that I always thought that I was perfectly safe and now I realized that I never had been. I think our lives all changed on that day.

Splendid Little Stars said...

I was getting ready for work when my husband called to say a plane hit a building. I thought that was weird but then had no idea, of course, of the impact this would make on our nation.
I went on to work (at my store) where I interacted with a lot of people who really just wanted to talk about what happened. That was cathartic for all of us.