Saturday, January 23, 2010

Party planning with a sugar over-dose

...I'm not saying I sampled everything because there is about a one in a bazillion chance that my doctor might read this post and then I will get really chewed out for eating sugar...

But let's just say, for instance, that a person was getting stuff ready for their Dad's 80th Birthday party ... and ummm.... they got to the next number on the check-list and that number said:

8. Get candy ready for cake table at the party

And let's just say.... ummm.... that while they were hauling all the candy out of the pile of boxes on the dining room table to the kitchen table to put into clear glass dishes and polka dotted pyrex bowls they happened to ... eat like a teeny weeny piece of bit o'honey. And maybe a Hershey kiss or two. And perhaps a peanut candy thing that tastes like the middle of a butterfingers... and that's all... I swear it.

I saw the Chuckles again but I resisted. Really.

I know in the picture it looks like there might be more then the two missing that I confessed earlier but there isn't. It's just the candy is ummm.... messed up.

Yea, that's it. The candy is messy in the box so someone didn't eat another package.

NosirreeBob. Nobody here ate another Chuckles.



OK, let's just get off the subject of eating candy and I'll show you what it looks like in all the dishes. See those big boxes of Crows? The licorice flavored black Dot candy? I'm going to use those for spacers under bowls to get various heights for drama (and some other word that Lisa told me to make sure I did correctly. While we're keeping secrets here plesae don't tell Lisa I forgot what she told me about this earlier)

Now you have to use your imagination because the candy is all going onto a black tablecloth and not on my silly polka dotted kitchen table and I will make them different heights and stuff and I'm going over to make copies of the rationing stamps but now I'm thinking that's going to be too busy but I'm going to have them ready just in case. (breath Jenny, breath!)

And I made this little sign to go with these little cello bags to encourage people to take candy home. My husband told me I need to re-do the sign and make the second line start with a small "t" and I agreed with him. But I'm not really going to do it. I like the capital "T" there. But, listen, don't tell him either.

And I was thinking about adding another line that says something like "take any of the treats EXCEPT the Chuckles" I couldn't think of anything to rhyme...

Ummm.... maybe... Please don't take the Chuckles, because your belt will not buckle.

But that silliness could really just be the sugar over-dose talking.


Oh and I get to cross #1 shoes off the list because I made my husband stop at Famous Footwear yesterday after we went to Home Depot to get firelogs because it is freezing here and I ran in and told the girl I need some black shiny shoes that wouldn't hurt my feet and she showed me some and I put one on and it felt pretty good so I got them BUT they didn't have any black shiny purses so now that is number 9 on my list, sigh, AND #2 because I dropped my skirt off at the dry cleaners to get hemmed AND boy when those skirts are laying flat on the counter they sure look bigger then they actually are (ha!) and #5 I sent the e-mail out to remind everybody about the hair-styling stuff!


If you missed the previous part of this on-going saga of drama and angst (haha!) just click here to go to part 2!


MrsJenB said...


I'm exhausted just reading that. But it'll come together. Remember to breathe!

And I love the candy containers!

laterg8r said...

i love all the candy - awesome idea :D

leave the T alone, it's one thing crossed off the list :D

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Ohhhhhhhhh such sweet temptation!!!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Candy is dandy, but I'll leave it to Mandy 'cause I cease to be handy when I'm under it's spell.


Sheila ;-)

Julie Kwiatkowski Schuler said...

I think I got a bellyache just looking at that picture! I'm glad that's not in my house.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

I used to love Sugar Daddies, Joan.. Talk about breaking your teeth!!!! ha... AND there was one called "Bit-O-Honey" which I loved.. Those little brown and white things in your pictures were good too.. I remember I think they had peanut butter in them. Can't think of their name. YUM!!!!

I would NEVER have noticed that capital "T" in the 2nd line if you hadn't had pointed it out. Oh Well..

Since I am a gal who was raised in the 50's, I would love that party.

Have a great day.

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

haha! good for you! that is some serious sugar!


amelia said...

It all looks very pretty but lucky for me I don't like sweets!!

Now if that were all french fries and chips and pasta and bread...

Linda @ A La Carte said...

The sugar overload, I mean Candy Table will look great and I like the sign with both big T's! Glad you got shoes and a purse, well it will be found. You are getting it all done so yep, just breathe!

Kat said...

The candy table is such a great idea. And I would leave the sign alone too, one less thing to do. And I LOVE that polka dot table, that is way too much fun! If it will help, I'll be happy to take all of the smarties off your hands - those things are deadly! I always buy a bag at halloween, then "forget" to set them out when the little goblins come to call. You're doing great, I know this is going to be a fantastic party. Kathy

Rita said...

What a treat! Hate to tell you this but you do realize that after the sugar High there a Sugar Looow. I guess it wasn't like that when we were young but now I can really see this with my husband.
Main thing;
Have fun!

Moore Minutes said...

Your secret is safe with me...I won't tell Lisa.

Sue said...

Be still my heart...all that candy, bliss!


RNSANE said...

It's 11:22AM, Sunday, when I'm reading this, Jenny, and I'm now worn out and think I already need a nap. I also need some of that candy. What a spread. You might need to add a paramedic to your list.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

YUMMY!!! I get a sugar rush just looking at the pictures!!! But you did of course take out all the calories and sugar, right??

Deb said...

you do sound like your on a sugar high....but I won't tell your Dr.....glad you found your shoes...

Susan said...

I want a party with lots of candy. It looks like so much fun. Maybe when I turn 80 I can have a party like that. ():o)

Theresa said...

Girl, you wore me out AND made me go to the fridge for a bite-sized heath bar. Yummy, bit-o-honey... my favorite. If I buy a small bag, I can clean it out in a couple of days. Enjoyed looking at all these candies. Some I am familiar with and some (Chuckles) I have not heard of. Enjoy your day dear Jenny!

Unknown said...

There is no way I could have that candy in my house a week before the party. There would be nothing left by the time the party started. I HAVE NO WILLPOWER when it comes to sweets!!!
Oh my ...guess I'll go see if I have a carrot in my fridg to munch on now...sigh:0{

Together We Save said...

Great idea!!! Love all the candy.

Melinda said...

I'm with Sue--candy bliss.
One of my weaknesses is candy.
Love it.

Good luck on continued progress in party prep.


Wanda..... said...

You just want all those Chuckles for yourself, don't you Jenny?
Now, I have to g eat a favorite of mine...a Fifth Avenue candy bar and it's a large one too!

Elle Bee said...

Now THAT'S a LOT of candy!! It looks like paradise! Sorta. My mouth would have been one giant cavity if that was my kitchen table.

Bits-n-Pieces said...

hey! I don't see any Bit-O-Honeys in there!! those are my fave!

Terri Steffes said...

Do you take ADHD drugs? ;-)

I don't and think I should.

Unknown said...

how fun is this? I know you ate that candy and I am going to tell....I dont know who, but I am going to.......candy like this turns me back into a little kid so you asked for it!!!

Amy said...

Oh Jenny...please tell me what a Chuckle is!!! Looks like plans are coming together sparkle brain and all!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

The candy is a trip down memory lane! Hope your Dad has a great birthday. ;o)

Thanks for visiting my blog, and have a great week!



Vicki/Jake said...

Nuff said.... (O:

Tara said...

How can you possibly NOT get into some of that candy if it's right in front of you? You would have to be a saint or have tremendous self control. i fit into neither catagory!

Just Joany said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Just Joany said...

Chuckles sounds like a fun candy, but since I have never heard of it, I'm gonna' reserve my opinion until after I know what kind of candy it is.

I hope the doc doesn't see your blog or you're gonna'
be in T - R - O - U - B - L - E ! :-)

~ Just Joany
Red Wagon Flights

Beth P. said...

You're funny. I wouldn't have been able to resist all that sugary goodness, either. However, I have never heard of "Chuckles" so I'm curious to see why you'd like them to be left over so badly.

I have an award for you, please come stop by!

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

Ahhh! my teeth hurt just looking at all that candy!!
you got me 'chuckling!!' Jenny:)

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

The candies of my childhood! I adore this!

Little gift bags! Attendees will be talking about this for a long time to come. It is destined to be a standard for party throwing. You will be crowned queen. Really!

My faves are the cat glasses in the post below. Too Too Cool!

Melissa Miller said...

8oth Birthday! Yay!

Ooooohhhhh does this look good.
Mmmmm. No, I must not eat sugar.
I'm telling this to myself.