Monday, July 6, 2009

Raccoons, roses and raisins

Hmmm.... you might wonder....what might these three items have in common other then the obvious alliteration and other than you often see raccoonn eating raisins while carrying big bouquets of roses (????????!!!!!!!!!!) OK, it's early. Give me a break.

I will show you these three pictures and you will see ...

That they have absolutely nothing at all in common.

The raccoon is my Dad after having some surgery around his eyes. The roses were a pretty bouquet I picked Sunday morning AND the raisins are what my grapes are aspiring to after two days in the sun.


I feel slightly embarrassed that the real reason I combined these photos is that I am just too lazy to make three posts.

But in my behalf it is Monday and there is billing sitting on my desk waiting to be done AND I am picking up little girls at Raccoon and Mom's house at ten.

Excuses aside, all I really have to say about this post is...


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