Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Think of the positive side....

...Greg took his truck back so now we are left with non-mountain worthy vehicles so this might be the last desert trip for awhile.

So there I was early on Saturday morning, calmly getting ready to clean the house. OK, technically I wasn't calm.... I was whining and stomping my foot and slamming doors....sigh.... and Steve came and said "gee...we have Greg's truck...we should use it and go over 4 Peaks! Let's get outta here in the next 30 minutes!"

Reluctantly I said yes. Of course the thrill of bathroom cleanser and dust rags was compelling but I am nothing if not accomodating so I sulkily said YES!

In 22 minutes I had a cooler packed with water, found an extra roll of TP, put my dusty tennis shoes (hey, it's too hot to wear regular shoes here in the summer). You know that saying "The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing?" Well I learned something last trip and that was "take water you idiot! and don't wear sandals on a desert trip! and cactus spines do not made good toilet paper!) so this time I was much more prepared.

We swung by my parents to pick up my Dad, who is always game for any adventure. And we were off.

Now you might think on initial viewing that these are the same pictures from our trip to Crown King (remember my comment that there is a same-ness to the desert) but they aren't! You can see different mountains, different cactus and different dirt.

So... c'mon!
Our whole purpose of this trip is to go over these mountains and come out the other side. Yes, I know that made you think of the "why did the chicken cross the road joke"!

Look at these amazing prickly pear blossoms! If we get the truck again I am going to find out when to harvest them and attempt making jelly. These beauties were as big as plums.

...and since the plum remark made me hungry I'm gonna grab some breakfast and start the rest of my day.

Stay cool, keep your shoes and water handy cuz this trip will continue soon!


Amy said...

Beautiful! The photos and you!

Terri and Bob said...

Beautiful photos and looking forward to more!

Lisa said...

Jenny, the landscape of Arizona is beautiful! Never been there but your photos are great. Thanks for visiting my blog today and entering my GIVEAWAY. I love your ideas!