Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Warmed Heart Week 20

We found the rusty bike wheels at a junk yard that has since gone out of business.
We found the rusty metal cans in the desert.

We found the handyman willing to build both of our garden plots for a donation to the food banks.

This is our West garden.

We have marked each of the 6' square plots with tin cans.

Multiple bright happy colors of chalk marker features silly names thought of by Grandlittles, Mr. Jenny and other garden friends.
The names on the plots are things such as:
Lettuce Be
Lettuce Be
Lettuce Be
Lettuce Be...

Art. E Choke

The Cruciferous Crowd

and 24 Carat.


We're all stumped on the sign for the Onion plot, though.

None of us can think of anything clever for the onions.

If you can think if something, I will reward you with a prize.

And even if you can't...

Thanks for letting me share 1/2 of our garden with you.

Planting always warms my heart.


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Jean Tuthill said...

How about "Cryin' Time" or "Tears of Joy" , just a thought. Hope you find a good one! Your garden looks great!

Gallery Juana said...

That is a fun garden and beautiful to admire as well. You've got some great name suggestions from Jean too.
I planted some flower seeds in my mini potted garden and am enjoying watching them grow. wishing you a warm week.

DUTA said...

jean's suggestions are perfect.
Here's my little contribution - 'watery eyes'.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Your garden plots are wonderful, Jenny! Some possible names for the onion plot--- The Crying Game, Tears of the onion...when no one's around--- Otherwise known as Allium-- Edible Bulbs---lol

Jim said...

You have a really nice garden, Jenny. That fellow did all this work building and gave his proceeds away to charity!! Generous.

Onion here
Here an onion
There an onion
Everywhere an onion
Don't cry for me Argentina

Dumb, but I feel dumb today.

Betty said...

What a great looking garden. I hope you get lots of veggies this year.

Susan Anderson said...

You guys make gardening fun!