Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Warmed Heart Week 21

In the wayyyyy back of the freezer in the garage, I found them.

They looked a little bit frost-bitten, but I didn't care.

Mr. Jenny and I had picked these little gems of berries at great personal peril...

Ruining several pairs of shorts...

And coming down with a bad case of 'Berry-Berry' all over our arms and legs.

I thought we had eaten them all in muffins and pies!

But I was wrong!

There were four cups of the dark purple jewels just waiting to be turned into a cobbler for some company we had coming to visit.

Black raspberries.

Not blackberries.

Not raspberries.

Black raspberries.

They grow wild here in patches up around 6,500 feet elevation.

Mr. Jenny and I picked and picked last year and are planning to do it with wild abandon again this year!

Black raspberries.

My, oh my.

The only bad thing about making a black raspberry cobbler for house guests is that there is a good possibility they will never leave.

At least until they find out the freezer is empty.


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Jim said...

Mmm, Jenny, they look soooo good and the pie will be delicious. You could save me a piece.
Thank you for hosting. Oh btw, pie will freeze.

Betty said...

How neat that they grow wild. I think I'd enjoy picking them too, but I'm not sure I'd like them. I've never had any kind of raspberry! When we lived in Virginia we used to go pick strawberries. The kids always enjoyed it. I guess it's still too early for you to pick raspberries this year, but when you do have fun!

Susan Anderson said...

Oh boy, does that sound good! I love any kind of berry jam, but hand-picked wild berries?! The best!!


Busy Bee Suz said...

I've never heard of these; how special. I'm hoping you saved the ruined shorts for your next picking occasion. :)

Annesphamily said...

Hi Jenny, a day late, but still smiling and enjoying a wild ride in April! So much going on! Oh my! Love berries and you are blessed to be picking these tasty lil berries! Oh Yum.....xo

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What a wonderful find! I never heard of black raspberries before, but I'm sure they are sweet and good!