Thursday, May 14, 2009

A company with a heart!

Ummm.... I want to tell you a little story that may seem a bit like a big fat work of fiction but it's true. I swear it on ... well... ummm.... my ex-husbands grave? Oh wait, he's still alive.... so... ummm... OK, it's just true.

A while back I got the Reds some rocketdog shoes:

...which aren't super cheap. Definitely not K-mart but they were adorable and so are the Reds, of course, so what could I do.

But they were junk. Truly. Julia's little toes wore through the fabric before the third wearing perhaps so quickly because she was wearing them for the whole day at school, but still.

Anyway, I wrote to the company some time back because I was pretty annoyed that a pair of 7 shoes from K-mart holds up longer then their almost-30-dollar-shoes (but shhh.... don't tell Steve I spent that much, I probably fibbed a bit - ha)

So I had an e-mail from them today and they are going to honor the shoes and replace them and the girls are really excited.

And I am really excited that a company actually stands by their products!

If you need shoes go here first. It is an awesome company and I highly recommend it.

And now I want to tell you about going to the dentist this morning... ahhhh... I'll wait. Why ruin a feel good blog with tales of terror and besides, it'll give you something to look forward to.

But remember... go to:

RocketDog if you want to see some cute shoes!

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