Friday, May 1, 2009

Needles and maybes

So... earlier in the week I had a call from a fairly large catalog company asking if I would consider writing a ZippyStrippyQuilt book for kids. I whipped up six page and sent it off and should hear next week. I'm nervous, excited but mostly thinking they won't like it.

They also asked me if I could write instructions for and design a memory quilt for parents to make about their children. I came up with what I think is a good idea, had my friend Roxie help me figure out the measurements, etc. drew up a watercolor board and sent it off as well. No word on that either.

Either way, this was a fun thing to do and flattering. I'm just not sure how it's gonna fly.

But it has pretty much consumed the last few days. Keep your fingers crossed for me, K?

And today I went to my next door neighbor again in my quest for anti-aging on my face. I had something called needling done on all the deep wrinkles. Ummm... well... should I have Steve take a picture of me? It might scare you. I'm very curious what will happen but for the next five days apparently I am going to look slightly someone with some really, really bad halloween makeup on.

And now I'm exhausted. And heading for the couch. And trying not to scrinch up from the needle marks on my face.

And thinking as I do fairly often these days...

Getting old sure isn't for sissies...


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Allie said...

Ah dear sweet cousin Jenny --- those are the wisdom and journey trails of your beautiful life, why would you want to erase them? Good luck on the books --