Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My eyes are heavy

but my heart is happy. It was a wonderful day spent with wonderful people. The sky has been gray and overcast and Steve and I have both been loving it!

Joanne and I spent the morning with Beth in her beautiful home set high atop a hill overlooking Ron's old log home. The sky was filled with gray and white, the gardens were scrumptious, talking to Beth is always peaceful and evocative.

Joanne and I wandered all over on the way home talking the whole way and then I ran to Joans for a quick visit to see Addie.

Steve and I then headed up toward Wooster to meet Terri and John and Francie and Gary! It was a wonderful meal shared with wonderful friends. Gary has the funniest stories, John is such an intelligent fascinating man and I never seem to find enough time to talk about everything I want to with sweet Terri. Francie is just as feisty as when we met up with her a few days ago in Kidron at Lehmanns Hardware.

It was just so much fun! Steve and I drove back and detoured through Hanoverton to admire the old brick buildings there and then headed back to the Lake.

I don't want to go home tomorrow. I just don't.

I want to steal the grandbabies and stay here forever.


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