Sunday, September 8, 2013

Painted Alphabet Letter P

I've been painting a little bit again.

I did three P's this week.

And I did all of them in my PJ's!   ha!

This first sign cracks me up.

12" x 12"

I'm not totally happy with this one, but I love the saying.   I think I'm going to re-do it in a different format but I thought I'd still show you anyway!

24" x 13 1/2"
This last sign is quite large.  I love the message of it as well.  
36" x 32"
 Signs are hand-painted and available in my Etsy can see the mini link at the top right of my blog or click on any picture for a link!  No designs.
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Ms. A said...

Since coffee is my drink of choice and I could always use some perking up, I love the first one!

Janie Junebug said...

Very cute. My neighborhood restaurant has a new print on the wall:

Seize the Mug


pasqueflower said...

Love your signs - especially the Perk Up! Two of my kids are coffee lovers, but not morning persons.

RNSANE said...

I have been away too long...I never even knew you had an etsy shop. I'll have to check it out but you know I totally downsized for my three long stays in India. Most of my belongings are gone...or relegated to one very large ( $381/month ) Public Storage place. I might just window shop...still in India till Dec. 3.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I like all your P's this week; powerful!

Anonymous said...

That first one certainly did make me smile too. :-)

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Love your painted P signs!

perfect painter = perfect paintings :o)

Blessings & Aloha!

Splendid Little Stars said...

My mother would have absolutely loved the first one!
and I know she would relate to the second one as well.
great work!