Friday, January 23, 2009

Earlier this week from my other blog

I had big plans to make sure I kept my blog up but alas, the best laid plans….

Tom and Kris are now engaged as well. I’m really excited about this. Everyone seems to be getting married all at once. Very fun!

Jessie has taken up canning and I’m really impressed with her efforts. I’m going to plant a ton of green beans and can some myself….she has me re-inspired.

Julia is playing basketball now so between soccer and bb Saturdays are pretty well occupied.
And here’s a cute Morgan story, just because…

So…Miss Morgan is a little Christmas baby. She adores all things Christmas, the songs, the lights, the tree, she brings Christmas up all the time.

She and Riley and I went to Sprouts to get some fruit and Riley asked for a cantaloupe. I said, “sure” and Riley put it in the cart.

Morgan just stood there, frozen, with this silly look on her face. I checked her bottom thinking she might have had a little “accident” but she hadn’t. I said “Morgan, are you OK?” and she just stood there, sort of petrified. A moment later she belted out:

Cantaloupe is coming to town! (to the tune of Santa Claus is coming to town)

She was delighted with herself. Other people in the produce department were smiling and one lady applauded.

Morgan just spent the rest of the store time humming Cantaloupe is coming to town and grinning like a little nut.

Anyway, it was awfully darn sweet!

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