Saturday, January 24, 2009

How does your garden grow?

Well, I had big plans for today for all kinds of things - soccer, basketball, painting on the house, working in the garden but I have caught a bug. No, not a squirmy, wormy cute one but an icky stay-in-bed one. Sigh. Steve took some garden and arbor pictures yesterday for me so I thought I'd share one while my hot tea is brewing. Steve and my Dad are at the soccer game and I'm just cranky. Maybe looking at my little seeds sprouting and my arbor finally stained will cheer me up. Our son, Greg, built this very cool arbor for us. It is to hold bottle and dipper gourds this year and underneath we have planted four delicious blackberry bushes. I forget the variety now but it isn't the usual one and has a wonderful flavor much like a raspberry. One of our older gardening neighbors grows this varieties and he gave us some canes. He's interesting. I will share a story about him one of these day. Definitely a character. OK, the timer went off meaning my tea is ready so I will quit this blathering and show you the garden and the arbor.

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