Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday, Monday

Can't trust that day. Monday, Monday, seems it just turns out that way. (us old people will know this song, everyone else can just roll their eyes)

Outside my dark and a sweet wind is sending promise of a beautiful day
I am thinking...that the Pine Branch in Snow picture by Ansel Adams on my day calendar is beautiful and makes me miss Ohio
Last night I dreamt...that Steve and I bought a chicken taco stand...hmmm....
I smell...the wonderful coffee my wonderful husband is brewing in the kitchen
I am start billing as soon as I am done here
I just daily reading from Courage to Change - thought provoking as always
I am hear from Angie today
Today I will...get this billing done and then babysit for part of the day
I am thankful for...The predictability of sunrise, the steadiness of so many of my friendships and the love I feel for my family

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