Tuesday, January 27, 2009

...good morning....

I have to whisper cuz I have laryngitis. I did see Steve doing a dance of joy down the hall but he told me it was only a spasm in his back...hmmm....

Went to bed at 8 and got up at 7. Craziness.

Had an awful food allergy attack last night and I'm not sure what from. I hate those attacks. They are almost frightening. I took double melatonin and went to sleep early with the only residuals being a pretty puffy face this morning. ACCCKKK!

Steve is going to call the doc for me today so I can get some serious allergy testing done. My naturopath (bless her) can do it but if I can do it through my regular MD then insurance will pay for it.

Babysitting today so I need to get a bath and get dressed.

Have a happy Tuesday.

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